5 Foods To Kick Start Fat Loss

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As we all know successful weight loss is all about maintaining a balanced diet and leading a healthy and active lifestyle.  The word diet brings about so many negative connotations and even the mere thought of the word is enough to put anybody off.  However choosing the right food and eating in moderation is not a diet, it’s simply a way of life and you will feel better for it. More often than not it’s easier said than done, breaking bad habits takes time, dedication, and a positive attitude.  But with a little extra help from a few super foods you can be well on your way to success.

Fat Loss Food #1

Studies have proven that dieters who consumed eggs as part of their breakfast reported it satisfied their hunger for longer and they lost more weight, as much as twice the amount, as dieters that ate a breakfast consisting of the same calorie count from eating a bagel.  You are not only limited to eating eggs for breakfast, this super food can be added to lunch and evening meals.

Serving suggestion:  Add eggs to a simple salad to make it more substantial and satisfying.  Get creative with omelets. Your options are endless.

Fat Loss Food #2

Studies have proven that chilies are a great way to boost your metabolism, and by consuming hot pepper 30 minutes prior to eating a meal you will be less hungry and eat approximately 10% less than you normally would. The magic ingredient is a compound known as capsaicin. For 20 minutes after consuming chili your body will burn more calories.

Serving suggestions:  Try adding hot pepper to tomato juice. Add chili flakes to any dish.  Add pureed chili to pasta sauces for an extra kick.

Fat Loss Food #3

Studies have shown that by eating slow release carbohydrates such as oatmeal for breakfast and 3 hours prior to exercise will help burn fat.  This is because these carbohydrates do not increase blood sugar levels as high as refined carbohydrates do.  This means insulin does not rise as high, having low insulin levels can also help burn fat.

All kinds of oats are good for you however rolled varieties are less refined and contain higher levels of fiber that keep you feeling fuller for longer.  Oatmeal also contains fat-absorbing fiber.

Serving suggestion:  Replace breadcrumbs for oats in recipes such as meatballs and meatloaf.

Fat Loss Food #4

Studies have been conducted on the relation of chewing and curbing hunger.  Results conclude that by chewing more participants felt fuller for longer.  This study was done using 2oz of almonds, participants were asked to chew 10, 25, and 40 times, reporting that chewing 40 times they felt the most satisfied.  By chewing more, higher amounts of fat are released which in turn tells the body it is full.

Serving suggestion:  Add to muesli, oatmeal, salads, stir-fries, or simply eat a handful on its own as a snack

Fat Loss Food #5

By eating one apple a day you can increase the rate of weight loss.  Studies have proven that people that have eaten an apple prior to eating pasta consumed fewer calories than others who ate an alternative snack.  Apples contain beneficial antioxidants that help prevent metabolic syndrome, this condition results in the excess storage of stomach fat.  Apples also contain a substance called Pectin; this restricts the total amount of fat the cells in our body can absorb.  It does this by forcing cells to get rid of fat deposits providing a natural form of weight loss. Apples contain 95 calories and 4 grams of fiber; studies have shown higher levels of fiber are directly related to prevention of weight gain and promotion of weight loss.

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  1. Great info on loosing weight faster. The Fat Loss Food #1, i.e. egg has surprised me, as we know eggs have high calorie. But made your point clear and left no room for doubt.

  2. Great Post! I agree wholeheartedly with all 5 food ideas, but would like to add a clarification. In #3 oats, it is quite true that more complex carbohydrates don’t produce a glucose spike. But when oats are processed to the point that they can be prepared just by adding boiling water you can bet your booties they will produce a glucose spike.

    So I have to disagree that all oats are good for you. Highly processed grains, including oats, are broken down to glucose very rapidly putting a lot of stress on the pancreas, which has to produce immense amounts of insulin to convert it to glycogen. This is the form in which it is stored for subsequent energy needs. It is mainly, in this case stored as fat tissue.

    The convenience of instant foods including so called “whole grain” packages are one of the root causes of the growing problem with obesity.

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