5 Natural Spa Treatments For Beauty & Relaxation

natural spa treatments

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We all love a visit to the spa, but did you know there are more benefits to be found from natural spa treatments? By using natural products you encourage your body’s natural behaviour and you discourage any extreme chemical reactions which might inflame or irritate your skin.

The known benefits of going natural has risen hugely in the past decade with the rise of pure fruit smoothies, organic meat and food products and even organic make-up and hair products. So why not let the natural way of doing things cross over into your spa habits too?

Salt and Seed Exfoliation

This treatment is usually an all over body treatment concentrating on exfoliating the skin with yummy fruity stuff and salt grains and then after a refreshing shower you have a beautiful massage to get rid of any leftover toxins. If you like long treatments where you can wind down and fully relax then this is a must for you, it gives you time to clear you mind as well as your toxins!

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is one of the most popular natural treatments. During this process a number of hot stones are placed on your body (the heat helping to ease tight muscles and providing a relaxing feeling). This is perfect for those who are quite athletic and find that their back and shoulders often get tight and achy.

These days you can also get your partner to give you a hot stone massage using this Hot Stone Massage Kit.

Olive Oil and Almond Hair Treatment and Head Massage

This treatment is great for those who find their hair gets a little dry occasionally. Instead of buying a chemical hair mask from a chemist or pharmacy, you can make this remedy yourself at home (or specify it at a spa) – all the while knowing it’s completely natural. The Olive and Almond oil add much need moisture, whilst the smell will be heavenly and let you drift off as you receive your head massage.

In fact, right here on the blog we have discussed the benefits of almond oil and olive oil for our hair. Click the links to read more about it.)

Organic Facial

An organic facial is fantastic for those of us who hate the idea of aging and wrinkles. The organic element of the facial means you’re avoiding putting anything overly harsh on your skin (especially when it is facial skin – as this is extremely delicate). You can ask your Spa representative which organic  blends they have for facials and choose the scent or fruit which you prefer.

Fresh Water Swimming

This is slightly harder to come across at Spa’s but if you find one that offers it, you’ve struck Gold. Fresh water swimming means you avoid the harsh chemical of Chlorine – but as it generally means the pool and hot tub has to be cleaned far more often it is quite rare to come by. If you do find somewhere that offers this though, enquire as to whether they do fresh water massages – as these are great for cleansing  the skin.

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  1. I totally agree with you that going for natural products helps us in getting the maximum benefit of any spa treatment. It gives a radiant glow to the skin as the contents of natural ingredients remove the toxins and other radicals and induce lots of moisture into the skin. Please keep sharing such posts to make us aware of the right procedure.

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