A Natural Body Detox For A Healthier, Happier You

Almost every modern day disease, condition, health problem or symptom is created by environmental toxins and lifestyle choices. And by simply detoxifying your body completely, most of these problems can be cured, reversed, or reduced dramatically.

Our lives are filled with chemicals, poisons and toxins. Everywhere we go we’re putting them into our body from the air we breath, the additives placed in our drinking water, the chemicals used in food processing, and even chemicals and medications which are used on plants and animals that we eventually eat. All of this stuff adds up to major problems for the human body.

Many diseases, syndromes and chronic health problems are linked either directly or indirectly to toxins and poisons. And this has been proven in both scientific studies, as well as herbal and alternative remedy results.

Imagine using your stove to cook dinner every night for forty years, without ever cleaning up after yourself. You never wash up spills, never disinfect, nothing. Can you imagine the work it would take after thirty or forty years to actually get that stove clean again? Yet this is what we do to our bodies. We stuff them full of junk food, chemicals, preservatives, empty calories and more… without ever cleaning them. This causes a major build up of general bad stuff inside the body.

And that’s why body detox techniques are one of the first suggestions made by herbal and alternative remedy specialists when health problems arise. By detoxifying your body, you’re started the massive clean up that’s needed so that it can become healthy again.

When your body is clogged with toxins and poisons, it cannot operate at it’s fully functional, fully healthy level. In fact, it often starts rebelling in a variety of creative ways. Take a skin disease known as Psoriasis for example. Psoriasis is caused by your body’s immune system over reacting to some stimulus, and it’s pushing new skin cells to the surface at a much faster rate than normal. This creates a pile up on the surface of the skin, which results in thick, scaly, flaky sore like spots in various places of the body, such as the elbows, knees and scalp.

Doctors and researchers feel there is no cure for psoriasis though, so they simply try to treat the skin build up and various symptoms that creates. They sometimes even try to supress the bodies immune system with drugs in order to prevent the skin surface build up. From an herbal and natural point of view though, this is just going to create more health problems in the end.

The problem is that your body’s natural waste disposal system is clogged up in some way. And because it’s clogged and stagnated, the toxins which are supposed to be removed from your body through solid waste are sitting there leaking back in and poisoning your body. This creates a variety of diseases and health problems because your body becomes desparate to clean out the toxins and waste that’s polluting it. So if it cannot get rid of things the normal way – through elimination via the colon – one of the next things it trys to do is get rid of the toxins through your skin.

By fully detoxifying your body though, you can start removing that toxic build up that’s causing the problems, and allow your body to start healing itself naturally.


  1. Using herbals could help detoxify your system naturally. In the process of internal cleansing, it is necessary to enhance vital organs such as the livers and kidneys as well as bodily systems such as the digesitive and immune systems. These components are likely to aid the body’s natural toxic eliminating and diuretic mechanisms. The Dandelion, Fennel and Umckaloabo promote these medicinal benefits and have in fact been formulated in herbal remedies intended to promote natural detoxification.

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