Almond Oil For Hair Growth

almond oil

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This article is one of ten in a series titled “The 10 Best Oils For Hair Growth“. To discover the other nine best oils to promote healthy hair, hit the green link.

It is common knowledge that almonds are packed with nutrients and beneficial fats as well as being tasty snacks. What is not as commonly known, however is that the oil pressed from the seeds is equally beneficial not only to the body, but to the skin and hair as well.

One of the most prominent beauty benefits of almond oil is its ability to soften the skin on the scalp and reduce inflammation. Almond oil, like most all hair treatments does not actually create new hair growth. It does promote growth by keeping hair moisturized, healthy and less prone to breakage making hair growth more noticeable. By removing dead skin cells at the base of the hair shafts during a scalp massage, almond oil frees the hair allowing it to grow uninhibited. In addition, the oil contains essential fatty acids that nourish the hair and vitamin E, potassium and magnesium which are essential components to healthy hair growth.

There are two types of almond oils: bitter and sweet. Bitter almond oil has many health benefits as it is bactericidal, germicidal, anaesthetic, diuretic, anti carcinogenic, etc. However, bitter almond oil contains some deadly poisons and when used, must be done so with caution and only as needed. Bitter almond oil is not recommended for use on infants, children or the elderly.

Used in most commercial skin care products, almond oil is not only an extremely effective moisturizer, but also an excellent treatment for burns, rashes and other skin irritations. Almond oil helps to balance the moisture level in the skin which is essential for treating dry skin. It can also be used under the eye for the prevention of wrinkles.

Because it is easily spread, not greasy and slow in absorption, sweet almond oil is the most commonly used “carrier oil” by massage therapists as it conditions the skin as well as adding a soothing aromatherapy benefit with a mild nutty and somewhat sweet aroma. Most therapists use carrier oils in conjunction with essential oils.

There are a couple of precautions to be wary of. People with tree nut or peach allergies must be cautious when using almond oil. Discontinue use if any allergic skin reactions occur. Almond oil is perishable and should be stored in a dark cool space and refrigerated after opening. Almond oil, though light in color, can stain fabrics.

You can buy almond oil online on Amazon. I personally recommend Nature’s Alchemy Sweet Almond Oil.

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