Natural Ways To Fight Common Skin Problems During Winter

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There are quite a number of people out there who live with varying skin problems all year round, but these problems seem to increase in potency as the cold weather swoops in.

The most common problems are dry or flaky skin and blemishes like pimples.

How can you fight these annoyances during the winter, when they seem to be at their worst?

Never Cheap Out On Lotion

Lotion is probably your number one combatant against blemishes and dry skin. Getting a quality bottle of lotion will save you weeks of pain and cover up.

While many will get by using basic lotion that costs around seven dollars a bottle, some will need to purchase the heavy-duty lotion to fight dryness. Opinion news says that Eucerin is a brand of lotion that, while being slightly more expensive, is superior to many other brands. While it may cost a little extra, you’ll easily be able to keep the flaky and dry skin to a minimum.

Buy Dermatologist Recommended Soap

A lot of skin problems start in the shower.

If you’ve been purchasing body wash or bars of soap that are inexpensive and cause your skin to shrivel up, you’re creating a circle of dryness that can never be fixed. All the lotion in the world won’t save you, and it’s because you keep drying out your skin every time you take a shower.

Dove has recently been pushing its Men + Care line of moisturizing soap, and not only is it affordable, it also keeps your skin soft and moisturized. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s solely for guys, because it’s great for women, too.

Shield Your Skin with Extra Clothing

Believe it not, but there are many people out there who suffer from perpetual skin dryness and don’t bother covering up to fight it.

If your hands are always dry, wearing thick gloves may help. If your face is always dry, try wearing a ski mask or another face warming article of clothing.

Something as simple as just wearing more clothing during the winter can go a long way to keeping your skin fresh.

Drink Plenty of Fluids and Have Good Nutrition

Drinking a lot of fluids is good no matter what, whether you have dry skin or not. But keeping your body hydrated is the key to healthy and hydrated skin during the winter.

In addition, providing your body with the right food that is filled with beneficial fats and oils, such as oily fish, will help your body retain its moisture.

Following these tips will help keep your skin look and feel refreshed during the brutal winter months.

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