Banana Hair Mask Benefits & Recipes

banana hair mask

Banana hair masks are a great way to combat and rectify damaged hair caused by over-exposure to dirt, pollution, toxins, and environmental elements.  Bananas contain a rich source of potassium, carbohydrates, natural oils, and essential vitamins for healthy hair.  By using bananas as a key component in hair care treatments you will notice increased manageability, growth, shine, and the ability to control symptoms of dandruff.

This beneficial mix of properties helps soften, strengthen, and protect the hair as well as maintaining its natural elasticity.  The abundance of vitamins found in bananas help repair and protect the hair from sun damage and are vital ingredients for adding volume to the hair.  The vitamin E present is very effective for treating dandruff and assist the scalp in retaining moisture helping to prevent split ends and hair breakage.

Basic Banana Hair Treatment

By using this simple banana hair mask recipe it will increase the amount of moisture in the hair and help to soften curly hair leaving it full of life and bounce.  This is also a very effective treatment to help manage the effects of dandruff as well as relieving an itchy scalp.

2-3 ripe bananas (mashed)
2-3 tablespoons honey

Mix ingredients together and apply to damp hair

Massage each strand, roots, and scalp to ensure complete coverage

Cover hair with a shower cap or cling wrap and leave in for approximately 30 minutes

Rinse thoroughly then shampoo and condition as normal

Nourishing Banana Hair Mask

This hair mask contains beneficial ingredients including banana to soften the hair shaft, egg and honey to help moisturize, milk to strengthen the hair follicles, and olive oil to condition the hair.

1 banana
1 egg
3 tablespoons of milk
3 tablespoons of honey
5 tablespoons of olive oil

Blend together all ingredients.

Apply mixture to hair and gently massage.  Cover with a shower cap or cling wrap.  Leave in for approximately 15-30 minutes.  Rinse and shampoo as normal.

Soothing Banana Hair Conditioner

Note: If you don’t want to make your own banana hair products, then you can buy this banana shampoo and this banana conditioner by The Body Shop from Amazon for just a few dollars.

The ylang ylang present in this treatment will help to relax and sooth the scalp and is especially effective for dandruff prone hair.  This essential oil will also help to soothe nerve endings in the scalp as well as act as a softening agent.  Organic products are preferable however regular alternative will be suitable also.

1 ripe banana
2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt
2 teaspoons of wheat germ oil
1/4 teaspoon of lecithin
1/8 teaspoon of honey
2 teaspoons of condensed milk
2-4 drops of ylang ylang oil

Mix together all ingredients using a blender until a thick creamy consistency is achieved.

Apply a detoxifying shampoo to hair in order to remove excess build up

Rinse with warm water and blot hair dry with towel

Apply mixture to damp hair with a hair dye application brush 1 inch from roots right to the tips

Rinse thoroughly and style.

Banana, and particularly these hair mask recipes, is one of the most beneficial foods for giving us a healthy, beautiful head of hair. Try it for yourself!

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