The Benefits Of Biotin For Hair Growth

biotin for hair growth

Biotin is a vitamin naturally produced in the body from bacteria within the intestines.  This magical vitamin, also known as vitamin B7, has proven to be one of the most important vitamins for hair.  Not only is it an essential contributor to speeding up growth but also improves the overall health of the hair. A deficiency in Biotin will result in unhealthy, dry, brittle hair prone to breakage, and ultimately lead to hair loss. Biotin plays a number of important roles when it comes to hair and healthy growth; read on to learn why this vitamin is so vital.

Biotin and Red Blood Cells

Oxygen is the single most important element required in order for hair follicles and the scalp to perform their necessary functions.  Red blood cells are carriers of this oxygen ensuring it is distributed to tissue within the body as well as hair follicles. Biotin plays an important role in this production of healthy red blood cells; therefore it is a vital component in the supply of oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles.

Biotin and Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates we consume are converted into glucose, a nutrient essential for the production of cellular energy.   Biotin plays an important role in the production of this cellular energy. In order for hair to grow, cells require sufficient levels of glucose in order to maintain important functions.  Insulin is responsible for ensuring this blood glucose is delivered to the cells, and because Biotin acts as a stimulant for insulin it is a very important element for hair growth.

Biotin and Keratin

The main component in which hair is made up of is a protein commonly known as Keratin; this essential protein is responsible for the hardness of the hair and maintaining its strength.  Keratinocyte cells produce this protein and our bodies shed thousands of these cells every day.  Biotin is essential for healthy hair growth as it plays a vital role in rapid cell division and production of cellular energy to produce keratin.

Healthy hair growth is dependent on all of the above, and in order to promote and maintain healthy hair growth a diet rich in Biotin is necessary.  Common foods with healthy levels of Biotin include yeast products, eggs, liver, and dairy products.

Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo

You can buy a Biotin enriched shampoo, such as this Jason Natural Biotin Shampoo. But if you want to make our own homemade Biotin shampoo, here is a recipe for you.

Beer is a great source of Biotin and makes for an effective hair growth treatment.  For damaged and split ends apply shampoo only to the ends.

1 cup of beer (darker beer contains higher levels of Biotin)
2 teaspoons of jojoba oil

Mix ingredients together and apply to hair and scalp.

Gently massage the scalp and leave in for 10-25 minutes.

Rinse hair with warm water.

Biotin is fantastic for your hair, and especially for promoting hair growth. Try making your own Biotin shampoo using the recipe above, or simply buy a bottle of Jason Natural Biotin Shampoo. Alternatively, massage some of this Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Scalp Creme into your scalp.


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