The Benefits Of Dead Sea Products For Our Health & Beauty

dead sea products

Located in the heart of the Middle East, bordering Jordan, Israel and the West Bank, the Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on the Earth’s Surface. One of the world’s saltiest bodies of water with a salinity level of nearly 34%, the Dead Sea isn’t a sea at all, it is a salt lake. The salinity of the Dead Sea make it difficult for life to flourish in its harsh waters; but since biblical times people have been using the salt, water and mud for a myriad of health and beauty products.

Cleopatra, widely considered throughout history as one of the most beautiful women who ever lived, was a fan of using beauty products made with dead sea minerals. Products made from dead sea salt, mud and water are mineral rich. Magnesium, bromine, iodine, sulfur, potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, strontium, manganese, lithium and boron are just some of the skin nourishing minerals you can find in the dead sea.

Wondering how dead sea mineral products can help you in your quest for beauty? Simple, if you have rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, or aging skin dead sea minerals can help alleviate many of the common symptoms associated with these conditions. Among other things, dead sea minerals can help detoxify the skin of impurities, increase cell regeneration, heal damage, moisturize, disinfect, balance pH, protect from sun and environmental damage, and reduce inflammation.

In fact, there is a dead sea mud soap that has been proven to be effective at dealing with acne, rosacea and eczema. It’s created by Adovia, and you can take a look, and pick up a few bars of it, here.

Dead sea salts are ideal for soaking your entire body. The anti-inflammatory properties of the salts can be useful when you are experiencing swelling in the joints, or as a result of injury. Minerals present in the dead sea such as bromine, also help relax the muscles and calm nerves. For this reason, a soak in a tub with dead sea salts can also help ease cramps and stiffness in joints and muscles.

I personally recommend this tub of dead sea salts. It also contains tea tree and peppermint which are hugely beneficial.

Happy and healthy individuals with “normal” skin can also benefit from dead sea products. The antioxidants in dead sea products help promote the natural regulation of cell production and regeneration. Cell renewal helps facilitates the stimulation of new collagen and elastin production. In simpler terms, this means your skin will look fresh, healthy, even toned and supple.

Dead Sea products come in a variety of shapes and forms. Many companies sell the products in simple preparations; meaning that the mud, or salt is sold alone with no other additives. These products are ideal for face masks, body wraps and soaks. Dead Sea mud, salt and water can be mixed with other ingredients to make a soap, natural shampoo, lotion, or other natural beauty cosmetics. If you choose a product from the latter group make sure the dead sea ingredient is listed within the first five items on the ingredient label. Otherwise, the amount is likely trace and will hold little benefit.

Dead sea products are fantastic for our health and beauty. Below is a fantastic set of dead sea products that would make a beautiful gift or a lovely treat for yourself.

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