The Top 5 Best Natural Sunscreens

best natural sunscreen

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It’s a well-known fact nowadays that the sun can cause serious damage to our skin. But what’s not so well-known is that regular sunscreens are laden with harmful chemicals that damage not only our skin and our health, but also the environment.

More and more health and environment conscious consumers are now turning to natural sunscreens and sun blockers, but how do we know what the best sunscreens are, whether they really work, and whether they truly are what they claim to be… natural.

That’s why I’ve written this article revealing the top five best natural sunscreens to help keep your skin – and your families skin – protected.

Natural Sunscreen #1
Mercola Natural Sunscreen SPF 50 with Green Tea

mercola natural sunscreen

This sunscreen has been developed by the world renowned Dr. Mercola. He is a huge advocate of all natural products and if it’s produced by him, you know it’s completely natural. Each ingredient in Dr. Mercola’s Natural Sunscreen serves a special purpose to nourish, protect and moisturize your skin. It also includes added green tea which is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants. Green tea has been proven in clinical studies to reduce the appearance of skin damage from sun radiation and protect skin cells.

As with most products, I suggest that if Mercola’s Natural Sunscreen is a sun blocker you would like to try, then pick up a bottle on Amazon. Their prices can rarely be beaten and you can get free delivery if you spend $25 or more. I must also disclose now that if you purchase any of the products featured on this page after clicking one of the links, then I will get credited a small percentage for the sale – probably about 7%. It’s these earnings that keeps this blog running :)

Click the image below for more information.

Natural Sunscreen #2
Loving Naturals SPF 30 Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide

loving naturals sunscreen

This sunscreen from Loving Naturals contains only 100% natural ingredients, is water resistant and non-greasy. It protects against skin damage from harmful UV rays, reduces the risk of skin cancer and fights premature aging.

One of the main ingredients in this sunscreen is zinc oxide – a natural mineral that comes from clay and sand deposits. Zinc oxide has been used for close to a century to reduce damage to the skin caused by excessive sun exposure. It works simply – it merely remains on the skin and reflects and scatters the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Loving Naturals Sunscreen also contains green tea and Vitamin E oil – both of which are hugely beneficial for skin health.

Click the image below if you’d like to try Loving Naturals Sunscreen.

Natural Sunscreen #3
Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen for Face and Body

badger sunscreen

This Badger Sunscreen is one of the most famous and discussed of all the natural sunscreens in this list. After searching the web, I only see good things being said about this sun block.

The active ingredient is zinc oxide, much like in the majority of natural sunscreens – but what separates this sunscreen from the rest is the added ingredients. Badger Sunscreen contains a number of natural oils and products that have huge benefits for the skin. For example, jojoba oil is one of the inactive ingredients. Scientific research has revealed that jojoba oil increases skin softness by 37%, reduces lines and wrinkles by a quarter instantly and 11% eight hours later. Another inactive ingredient includes Shea Butter which is a natural sunscreen itself with an SPF 6. Shea Butter reduces the appearance of fine lines and gets rid of age spots, scars, blemishes, dry skin and rashes. Plus it contains cocoa butter which helps to reduce stretch marks.

If you want more information, or even if you want to buy this Badger Sunscreen to take advantage of the sun protecting qualities and also the added benefits for skin, then click the image below.

Natural Sunscreen #4
Mexitan SPF 30 All Natural Biodegradable Water Resistant Sunscreen

mexican sunscreen

This Mexitan sunscreen contains no harsh chemicals, is eco-friendly, biodegradable and water resistant. Mexitan Sunscreen originated as a secret recipe of the natives of Acapulco.

The active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which works in much the same way as its zinc counterpart which we have already discussed. It also contains green tea which is a free radical scavenger to help reduce your risk of skin cancer.

If you think this Mexitan Sunscreen is the right sun block for you, then click the image below for more information and to buy.

Natural Sunscreen #5
Caribbean Solutions SPF 25 Biodegradable Sunscreen

Caribbean solutions sunscreen

This sunscreen from Caribbean Solutions also uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active sun protection. However it also contains organic aloe vera which has a huge number of benefits for skin. It treats minor burns (including sun burn), relieves rashes, soothes skin irritations such as eczema, moisturizes dry skin and can help to cure acne. This sunscreen is also loaded with plant extracts that contain natural photoreceptors that screen and block all harmful UV rays.

If you’d like to try this Caribbean Solutions sunscreen on yours, and your families skin, then click the image below for more information.

If you want to keep you and your loved ones protected this summer, and if you want to do it without harmful chemicals, then turn to one of the natural sunscreens above.

Have you tried any of the above sunscreens? How did they work for you? Are there any more you could recommend?

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  1. Hi, Have tried all of these? They are great brands on paper but mexitan was horrible and badger (depending on the kind) attracts bees and is super thick.

    Am always looking for a fantastic natural one that works. Thanks very much!

  2. I recently tried Burn Out Kids and love everything ab0ut it but the price!

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