Castor Oil For Hair Growth

castor oil

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This article is one of ten in a series titled “The 10 Best Oils For Hair Growth“. To discover the other nine best oils to promote healthy hair, hit the green link.

For many in the older generations, the words “castor oil” brings back many cringe-inducing memories of being forced to take a daily dose as children for a number of ailments. Castor oil is best known for treating occasional constipation; however it often works too well in that capacity. However for thousands of years castor oil has also been used as a fantastic oil for hair.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the castor bean. Oleic, ricinoleic, and linoleic acids make up this triglyceride, 90% of the acid is ricinoleic. Ricinoleic acid is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal agent which disinfects the hair and scalp preventing infections. In addition, the Omega-9 fatty acids provide nourishment while the humectant properties draw and hold moisture in the skin and hair. A regular castor oil massage on the hairs’ roots thickens hair and helps to regenerate new hair growth.

Rubbing a little castor oil above the brow line or at the base of the eyelashes will fill in sparse brows and grow long, lush eyelashes. The nutrients in the oil leave hair soft, shiny and reduce frizzing and split ends.

Castor oil doesn’t just work on the head, however. It can be used to treat many skin conditions such as:

• Calluses and corns
• Athlete’s foot
• Ringworm
• Moles and warts
• Age Spots
Stretch marks
• Yeast infections
• Acne
• Skin abrasions
• sunburn

Due to its ability to boost the immune system, castor oil is used as a remedy for many other health issues like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis and cerebral palsy. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal aspects also make the oil useful in treating everyday issues including migraines, menstrual disorders, and inflammation.

Women who are pregnant should use caution before consuming or using castor oil as it is commonly used to induce labor. The same spasm effect that the oil has on the small intestine (as in treating constipation) also causes contractions in the uterus.

castor oil shampooWhen purchasing castor oil, make sure that it is cold-pressed or cold-processed and very light in color.  You can buy castor oil online on Amazon by clicking the orange link or you can pick it up in your local health food store. If buying the pure oil is not for you, then try this Castor Oil Organic Shampoo. It’s also enriched with Shea Butter which is fantastic for our hair.

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  1. I just got my hair colored!! I was wondering if I can use straight Apple Cider Vinegar on my hair? Will it fade my color at all? If so how many days should I use it to remove the gunk that has built up over the yrs from using cheap shampoo.

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