Drink Yourself Healthy – 7 Reasons You MUST Drink More Water

Any nutritional program will tell you to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Most people know this, less actually do it and even fewer understand the reasons behind it.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated. If the body becomes even 1% dehydrated we lose 40% of our muscles functionality. If you are thirsty, you are already 5% dehydrated.

Dehydration affects our bodies adversely in many ways and symptoms appear when the body has lost about 2% of its fluid. Some mild effects will show up as thirst, dry skin, dark colored urine, fatigue, … [Read More...]

How To Detox & Melt Fat With The Lemonade Diet

There are a number of reasons to do the lemonade diet; the most obvious being to detox and to lose weight, although other advantages are just as important.

The lemonade mixture used for this diet is made up of freshly squeezed lemons, grade B Maple syrup (grade A loses benefits through processing) and a pinch of cayenne pepper; the ingredients should be added to around 8 fl. oz. of pure water.

Although this diet involves only liquids, it is by no means a starvation diet, as the average follower will consume more than 1200 calories daily, provided they use the correct Grade B Maple Syrup … [Read More...]

To Fight Aging – Detoxify

Getting your hair colored or going through a more drastic cosmetic change such as a face lift will make you look younger. But, if your body has toxins you will still be aging at a faster rate than normal. To really revitalise we must clean ourselves up from the inside - detoxify.

In the modern, polluted world, internal cleansing is of great importance. No matter how hard we try to be healthy, we still breathe in polluted air, bathe in polluted water, and intake all types of harmful chemicals. Once these chemicals and substances are absorbed into the body, we … [Read More...]

A Natural Body Detox For A Healthier, Happier You

Almost every modern day disease, condition, health problem or symptom is created by environmental toxins and lifestyle choices. And by simply detoxifying your body completely, most of these problems can be cured, reversed, or reduced dramatically.

Our lives are filled with chemicals, poisons and toxins. Everywhere we go we're putting them into our body from the air we breath, the additives placed in our drinking water, the chemicals used in food processing, and even chemicals and medications which are used on plants and animals that we eventually eat. All of this stuff adds up to major … [Read More...]

How To Detoxify & Cleanse Your Body

Many herbalists and herbal remedy specialists feel that most modern day diseases, severe illnesses, and chronic health conditions are caused by things being wrong inside your body. Many years of eating junk food, ready made meals with preservatives and other chemicals, not getting enough vitamins and minerals and so on has caused a build up of bad stuff inside your body. An equivalent scenario would be to imagine the way dirt might build up in a house that isn't cleaned for twenty, thirty, or forty years.

Because of this, a lot of herbal and alternative remedies designed to help with … [Read More...]

Detox Your Body With These Wonderful Herbs

Detoxification has been a growing health phenomenon in recent years as scientific research has discovered the full extent to which toxins have an effect on our health.

Our bodies have a natural detox cycle that works constantly, but it's unable to keep up with the constant influx of harmful toxins that we obtain from the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the beauty products we apply. Toxins are everywhere, and you need to get rid of them if you are to achieve supreme health, longevity, energy and beauty.

Researchers have discovered that the natural detox cycle can be powered up by … [Read More...]

Detox Gently & Effectively With This Weed

dandelion detox

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Somebody's weed is another person's healing herb. There is a weed which you have likely heard of and this herb can gently detox your … [Read More...]