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  1. Aalisya Mokhtar says:

    Hi…good morning, i’m a 28yrs old malay. This is my first time view your website. Honestly i’m lost and need help from you on home made treatment on acne and pimples. As i have this problem that come and goes. So, what are the ingredients at home which i can use that is best for my oily and sensitve skin while it treats my acne and pimples problem???

  2. Hi, i have a couple articles i’d like to submit.
    how best can i go about that?

  3. Hi, I have an article I’d like to submit.
    How can I go about doing that?


  4. loretta glanville says:

    I have read that sweet almond oil is good for hair but cannot find how to use it do you wash it out or leave it in. Will it be heavy if left in the hair. Thanks Loretta

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