How To Detoxify & Cleanse Your Body

Many herbalists and herbal remedy specialists feel that most modern day diseases, severe illnesses, and chronic health conditions are caused by things being wrong inside your body. Many years of eating junk food, ready made meals with preservatives and other chemicals, not getting enough vitamins and minerals and so on has caused a build up of bad stuff inside your body. An equivalent scenario would be to imagine the way dirt might build up in a house that isn’t cleaned for twenty, thirty, or forty years.

Because of this, a lot of herbal and alternative remedies designed to help with specific conditions won’t always seem to have anything to do with the specific condition at all. This is because instead of treating the symptoms of a condition, herbalists believe you should treat the underlying cause of that condition instead.

An excellent example is a type of skin disease known as psoriasis. Psoriasis is caused by your body’s immune system over reacting to some stimulus, and it’s pushing new skin cells to the surface at a much faster rate than normal. Usually new skin cells rise to the surface in about thirty days, but people who suffer from psoriasis get new skin cells pushed to the surface every 3-5 days instead. This creates a pile up on the surface of the skin, which results in thick, scaly, flaky sore like spots in various places on the body. The most common places to see psoriasis scales is on the elbows, knees and scalp, but they can occur on the feet, hands, ankles, or even all over your skin too.

Now, modern day medicine feels there is no cure for psoriasis, so treatments tend to revolve around trying to minimize the scaly skin build up. In fact, some treatments actually try to supress the bodies own immune system in order to “solve” the problem. But from an herbalist point of view, this can only lead to further problems.

When your body’s normal waste removal systems are clogged up or stagnated, it can cause those toxins to leak back into your blood stream and create havoc for all the organs. This creates a variety of diseases, conditions and symptoms because your body becomes desparate to clean out the toxins and waste that’s polluting it. So if it cannot get rid of things the normal way – through elimination via the colon – one of the next things it trys to do is get rid of the toxins through your skin.

This is just a simple summary of some of the major problems that can occur from your body being overly toxic. But it’s a nice introduction to the issue, and one you’ll need to be aware of as you proceed with your own personal herbal remedy learning. As you come across alternative and herbal remedies in books, online, or via other people, you will often hear people talking about needing to detox or cleanse the body. And sometimes this will start happening naturally for some people as they start using herbs to treat various illnesses, vitamin deficiencies, and other health problems they may have.

Detoxifying your body is often done with the use of enemas, because these help you quickly flush out any stagnant waste within your colon. Diet and fasting can be used to detoxify as well though, and there are many herbs which help with this process too. So we’ll talk about the various ways to detoxify and cleanse in more detail with later blog posts. Subscribe on the right hand side if you have not done so already to be updated when new blog posts are published.


  1. I have done this cleanse and it works. Of course it helps if you have a partner to enjoy the misery of it all. You can expect the hungry feeling to go away in about 3 days.

    My partner in crime went for about 17 days and could have gone further. I felt like I was going into a full blown meltdown so I broke the fast as did he.

    You will feel a difference for sure and should do shorter fasts of 24 hours once a month at least. Once week would be a good thing by itself.

  2. To detox your mind and body, the following are specifically covered:
    – Dry Skin Brushing
    – Cold and Hot Shower
    – Tongue Scrapping
    – Epsom Bath Salts.
    It also includes a warning on what instances detox should not be practiced.

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