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Probiotics have long been beneficial to our health; and with recent studies proving their positive effects, they are fast becoming a very promising type of bacteria.

These little microbial bugs are helping our bodies to function better and improve our overall wellness, and best of all, they hold a huge benefit for our immune system and blood pressure levels. Here’s an outline to show just exactly how beneficial probiotics really are:

Influencing Our Genes

Recent studies have shown that our genes are in fact changeable; which dismisses the original concept of genes being unable to change – our genetic code can be altered by our lifestyle choices and the current condition of our health.

Researchers have concluded that drinking a probiotic-rich beverage can greatly influence hundreds of genes in a positive way; similar to how eating broccoli and other greens can activate tumour supressing genes to fight off cancer. Bottomline? If you want to support healthy genes, make sure you include beneficial probiotics strains either in your diet or by taking high quality supplements.

Getting Whole-Body Benefits from Probiotics

A steady consumption of probiotics will strengthen your immune and digestive systems and can have a lifelong effect on your overall health. Probiotics “train” your immune system to distinguish between good and bad; allowing it to respond appropriately and protect your body against harmful pathogens. It will also help your body to reduce the effects of allergies by not overreacting to non-harmful antigens.

Probiotics may also help you normalize your weight – and studies have shown that people were able to reduce their abdominal fat by almost 5% by simply taking probiotics in the form of fermented milk for a period of 3 months. If that wasn’t enough, ongoing research suggests that high quality probiotic supplements may ward off candida and other intestinal imbalances.

Getting Your Probiotics from Food

Good sources to obtain probiotics from include yogurt, sauerkraut and some cheeses. In fact, cultured foods should form a regular part of your diet in order to keep your digestive system functioning properly.

Consuming kefir is probably one of the best ways to get all your probiotics in; and it’s easy to make. Simply take a packet of kefir start granules and add raw milk. Leave overnight at room temperature and it will be ready in the morning, with a consistency similar to yogurt.

One starter pack of kefir will convert roughly 50 gallons of milk. Try to stay away from commercial probiotic beverages, since they may contain additional sugars and are likely made from pasteurized milk.

As you can see, probiotics provide a variety of benefits to your body and will help to improve your overall health. It’s easy to consume probiotics too; and since it might have a long term positive effect on our digestive systems, immune systems and blood pressure levels, it is safe to say that probiotics should make out a significant part of your diet.


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