Emu Oil For Hair Growth

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Although it has been used for centuries by the aboriginal tribes of Australia, emu oil has only recently begun to make its presence known to the rest of the world. This oil that comes from non-edible parts of the emu (a close relative of the ostrich) is making headlines in the health and beauty industry worldwide and producing amazing results in the field of hair loss treatment and for promoting new hair growth.

There are 3 main properties of emu oil which are believed to contribute to the success of restoration of existing hair as well as re-growth of lost hair; most importantly frontal re-growth which is believed to be very difficult to attain.

1. Emu oil is highly penetrating. It exhibits a complete lack of phospholipids. As human skin has no phosphorus in it, it will not allow any substance containing phosphorus to pass though the skin. As emu oil has no phosphorus, it easily allows for deep absorption. When combined with other topical treatments, emu oil provides a higher absorption rate for the additional ointment than it would have achieved on its own.

2. Like many other oils, emu oil is anti-inflammatory. Inflammation in the scalp chokes off hair follicles and increases residue build-up which inhibits hair growth. By alleviating the inflammation, emu oil frees the hair for maximum growth and health.

3. Another important attribute of emu oil is that it is bacteriostatic. This means that the oil does not grow bacterial organisms. As bacterial and fungal infections have shown to a factor in male pattern baldness, this proves to be extremely beneficial for hair loss treatment.

The irritation levels of emu oil are virtually non-existent. The potential for irritation is equitable to that of putting water on your skin, making it safe for practically any application. Exhibiting the ability to seamlessly blend oil and water into a creamlike consistency, emu oil does not leave a residue on the skin and is non-comedogenic.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the hair and scalp, emu oil is a wonderful topical treatment for many skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Emu oil also contains small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which are an essential building block for health.

Primarily, emu oil has been used throughout the years as a topical treatment for sore muscles, joints and to relieve and protect cuts and burns. Its main claim to fame is the oil’s astounding cellular regeneration properties. It’s proven effective in reducing wrinkles and returning skin to a healthy glow with youthful elasticity by penetrating deep into the lower layers of skin tissue and healing it from the inside out.

emu oil shampooI personally recommend this Pure Emu Oil for the most positive boost in hair growth and hair health. Alternatively, you can achieve a healthy dose of emu oil by using an emu oil shampoo and conditioner. Try this Natural Emu Oil Hair & Body Wash with Conditioner set for the powerful skin and hair moisturizing properties experienced with this fantastic oil.

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  1. I understand that emu oil can help make your hair healthy but can it help accelerate hair growth more than 1/2 inch per month? With continueous use can hair grow 1 inch per month? Does anybody know?

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