Essential Oils For Anti Aging & Skin Care

Essential oils have been used for many years for their youth enhancing qualities. With many different essential oils on the market, and each with their own unique healing properties, identifying the best essential oils for anti aging can be difficult.

That’s why I’ve prepared this article to reveal the most effective essential oils for looking and feeling younger.

Let’s get going…

Neroli oilhelps to regenerate skin cells and increase skin elasticity giving you a smoother skin complexion. It’s a rejuvenating oil and helps to eliminate stretch marks, get rid of broken veins and prevent the formation of ugly scar tissues.

Frankincense oil is great for rejuvenating ageing skin. It tones and lifs the skin and elimines wrinkles.

Chamomile oil can also be massaged into the skin for soothing dry, sensitive skin. It also reduces puffiness around the eyes. Cypress oil is another oil that helps to reduces puffiness.

Essential oil of myrrhhas been used for hundreds of years as a skin preservative. Aromatherapists use it to help to prevent tissue degeneration. For best results mix into bath or massage oils.

One of the most expensive essential oils is rose oil, yet it is one of the most effective oils for soothing thinning, sensitive skin – especially after the menopause. Rose oil is also effective for moisturising and hydrating the skin.

The above oils have been proven to have anti aging and skin care qualities and are completely 100% natural.

Ditch your expensive anti aging and skin care creams loaded with dangerous chemicals and opt for these essential oils instead.

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