FertiliTea Review: What Is It & Does It Work?


I’m sure none of us are naïve enough to believe that a herbal tea costing less than $15 will miraculously make us pregnant, but research and real life customer reviews suggest that FertiliTea is a useful ally for women who are struggling to conceive.

FertiliTea is a natural, healthy and tasty herbal tea formulated by fertility expert Dr. Amos Grunebaum. It has been developed to support and strengthen the entire reproductive system to optimize the chances of falling pregnant.

It is made up of a number of organic herbal ingredients, each of which is designed to enhance fertility.

Green Tea – Research published in the American Journal of Public Health suggested that consuming just half a cup of green tea each day doubles the chances of falling pregnant during each cycle.

Chasteberry (Vitex) – This is another fantastic herb that has a cumulative effect at improving chances of conception. Vitex has been found to stimulate the hormones associated with ovulation while also repairing hormonal imbalance. It also balances progesterone and oestrogen levels.

peppermint leafOther ingredients include: red raspberry leaf which helps to tone the uterus and muscles of the pelvic region, ladies mantle which tones the cervix and regulates the monthly cycle, nettle leaf which is vitamin and mineral rich including fertility enhancing calcium, and peppermint leaf which provides the fresh minty taste – plus it’s also a natural aphrodisiac.

How To Prepare FertiliTea

Add one teaspoon of the herb mixture to a cup of boiling water. Consume 2-3 cups per day during your monthly cycle until pregnancy is achieved.

Warning: It is suggested you discontinue use once pregnancy is achieved since Vitex (one of the ingredients) is not recommended during pregnancy.

Does FertiliTea Work?

There’s no denying that the herbal ingredients that make up FertiliTea are beneficial for reproductive health, but do they really help regular women conceive?

Customer reviews on Amazon suggest they do. Take a look at this from one customer.

“I was trying to get pregnant for two months now. I am thirty four years old. Everyone said that it would take 6 months at my age. I have a normal cycle and decided an herbal boost couldn’t hurt. I bought this product the last week in Feb 09 it is now April 4 09. I am pregnant confirmed by three home tests of three different brands and the Doctor. The tea tasted minty and I bought a strainer to strain the herbs. I drink tea quite often and after two cups felt the difference and saw the changes in my cervical mucus. By the grace of God and FertiliTea I am positively prego…. Good luck to you all hope this helps”

Here’s one more review…

“My husband and I tried for months to conceive our second, and after drinking this tea for 3 weeks I got pregnant. I gave my leftover tea to a friend who started trying for their 3rd even before us, and she also got pregnant the next month. She gave the leftover tea to a friend of hers and she ALSO got pregnant after only a few weeks.”

There are loads more fantastic real customer reviews of FertiliTea on Amazon (as well as a few negative one’s), so have a read through them to make a more informed decision.

Of course, FertiliTea is not a sure-fire solution, but it seems many women are reaping the benefits of the incredible fertility boosting power of this herbal tea.

If you’re struggling to conceive, or you just want something to give your reproductive system a boost, then pick up a month or two’s supply of FertiliTea.


Where Can I Buy FertiliTea?

I suggest you buy FertiliTea on Amazon as it is the most trusted online store, plus you can get free shipping on orders over $25.

It is, at time of writing, only $14.95 for a one month’s supply. Buy two packets to take advantage of the free shipping, or pick something else up for $10 to avoid paying any postage charges. Take a look at our Bestseller List revealing readers’ favorite natural health and beauty products on Amazon.

Check the current price of FertiliTea on Amazon and order yourself a month’s supply and be sure to leave a comment using the form below to let us know of your success (or failure) using this herbal fertility enhancing tea.


  1. Zareena says:

    After trying for exactly a year for our first baby, i have found out today finally i am pregnant, however iv only been drinking the tea for 2-3 weeks, perhaps i was pregnant before i started drinking, what ever it is. im pleased and thank god. Not sure if its 100% but my freind is drinking it who has been trying for many many years now so lets see.

    good luck to all.

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