Green Tea – Your Questions Answered

The Chinese have been using green tea for its medicinal benefits for more than 4,000 years and now the West are cottoning on to the fantastic health benefits of this natural wonder. This article will answer your most common green tea questions.

1. Does green tea increase your metabolism and help you lose weight?

Yes, it does. One study suggests that 3-5 cups of green tea is optiminal for weight loss. This quantity can help you burn up to 70 calories per day – equivalent to a seven pound weight loss. In November, 1999, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a study revealing that men given green tea extract daily burned more calories than those given a placebo. The same researches also found that over a 24 hour period, metabolism increased by 4%. They suggested that this was due to the high concentrations of catechin polyphenols found in green tea.

Green tea has also been found to: inhibit fat absorption, help glucose regulation and decreases appetite.

2. Does green tea contain caffeine?

Green tea does contain caffeine, but not as much as regular tea or coffee. Green tea varies in its caffeine content and can contain anywhere from 3-30mg of caffeine per cup. Regular tea contains 30-60mg and instant coffee contains up to 100mg of caffeine.

3. What is the best type of green tea?

For information on the best type of green tea, have a read of this article.

It reviews seven different types of green tea so you can make an educated decision.

4. What are the health benefits of green tea?

Here’s a list of some of the best health benefits of drinking green tea:

– It can kill and prevent the formation of cancer cells
– It can reduce the level of bad choloestrol in the bloodstream
– It can stop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
– It can treat multiple sclerosis
– It can treat arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and impaired immune function

5. What are the side effects of drinking green tea?

Most, if not all, of green teas side effects are due to its caffeine content – even if it is modest.

The recommend green tea content per day is 3-5 cups. If you drink more than 6 to 7 cups daily you may experience sleeplessness, irregular heart beat, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite or other caffeine-related side effects.

6. Is green tea good for you?

YES! It’s very good for you! The minimal side effects are far outweighed by the hundreds of health benefits.

If you aren’t currently drinking green tea, then get it in your diet as soon as possible.

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  1. I really enjoyed your article and it has certainly encouraged me to drink more green tea daily! I have some fennel and nettle here which will do for a start, and I will go out in the next few days and get some regular green leaf tea.

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