How and When to be Your Own Doctor Book Review

How and When to be Your Own Doctor by Isabelle Moser is a very rational approach to improving your overall health and well being. This is a common sense guide to fighting high blood pressure, various cancers, and even arthritis.

Best of all, this is a plan on how to attack the exact cause of these illnesses: unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

Isabelle Moser argues that you don’t need invasive surgeries or harmful medications to combat a host of health problems. This is only treating the symptom, and How and When to be Your Own Doctor shows you how to treat the root of the problem instead of focusing on band-aid solutions.

The main culprit, according to Isabelle Moser, is the food we eat.

How and When to be Your Own Doctor is chock full of information on how you can combat everything from food allergies to simple heartburn. The nice thing about the approach in this book, however, is that you can do it with foods and dieting techniques such as fasting, as opposed to resorting to medications.

I really enjoyed this book and the fact that it turns conventional wisdom on its head. For example, she discusses how you’re better off not eating while you’re sick. The reason your body is saying “I’m not hungry” when you have the flu or other illness is because food can actually feed whatever is harming you.

While this goes against the typical advice of making sure you eat as much as you can when you’re sick, it does make sense to listen to your body.

Beyond that, there are plenty of case histories, back stories, testimonials, and even some scientific studies backing up what Isabelle Moser is instructing.

The author has even survived her own bouts with cancer prior to writing How and When to be Your Own Doctor, and she used her own techniques to get her body back in shape and battle the disease successfully.

Overall, you’ll find that How and When to be Your Own Doctor is very practical, and interesting read. It is packed full of helpful advice and instruction. There is plenty of information on the foods you eat, and why organic may not always be the best choice.

It really is a common sense approach to learning the cause of various diseases, and even better, how to fight them naturally. highly suggest How and When to be Your Own Doctor, and you can find the best price on Amazon by clicking here.

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