How To Get Healthy Nails – 5 Tips For Healthier Nails Naturally

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We use our hands every single day. In fact our hands are involved in almost every activity we do and some of our daily activities can be unhealthy for our hands. If we do not take care of them throughout these daily activities, we will start to notice damaging on various parts of the hand.

One of the most common areas that gets damaged are our fingernails. The fingernails are on the front lines when it comes to daily usage. Although they seem hard & resistant they can be easily damaged, causing pain and discomfort.

Top 5 Reasons For Unhealthy Nails

1. For most women the chore of daily dish washing is very real. Every day the dishes pile high in the sink and they have to be either washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher. As your fingernails go through this wet and dry cycle daily they take an unhealthy beating. This wet and dry cycle can often lead to dry, split, cracked, and even peeling nails.

2. In the modern day house there are many different chemicals to use in order to clean. The bathroom has toxic toilet bowl cleaner or hard water removers. The laundry uses bleach or tough detergent. The kitchen floor takes a tough mix of the right chemicals to make it shine.

Regardless of which room is being cleaned it is almost guaranteed that your nails can be exposed to harsh chemicals. When nails are in weekly contact with harsh chemicals they often become damaged and weak.

3. Because most women don’t naturally have perfectly smooth fingernails we often resort to nail files and buffering. By removing the top layer of the fingernail we are in essence taking away one of its major defenses against damaging elements.

4. Because nails are so handy they often get overused. The list is very extensive. Nails are used to to scrap, to dig, to peel, and even to pop open soda can lids. If you want to keep your nails long and healthy, then you should rethink what you use your fingernails for.

5. Fingernail biting. When it comes to bad habits this one may seem a little juvenile. Although it may be perceived as such, it certainly is not limited to the youth. Many women bite their nails because of stress, nervousness, or just habit. Whatever the reason the result is the same, unhealthy nails.

Top 5 Tips For Healthier Nails

1. Protect your nails while washing dishes. You can do this by wearing a simple pair of rubber gloves. This is truly one of the easiest steps to keeping your nails healthy and strong.

2. Invest in household cleaning supplies that are natural and non damaging to your skin and nails. This tip will not only benefit your nails but could very well benefit your lungs as well. It is commonly known that toxic fumes are unhealthy to breath in.

3. It is not necessary to always file and buff your nails. In fact there are some healthy alternatives to keeping your nails looking perfectly smooth. One of the most recent advances in the nail industry is called the Shellac Manicure. It is a non damaging Ultraviolet manicure that lasts up to 14 days. It stays smooth and shines the entire time and when it comes to removing there is no buffing or filing required.

4. Try using other tools or objects instead of your fingernails. For example, when trying to peel or open a package you can use scissors or other sharp objects. Next time you want to open a soda pop can you can use a pen or knife.

5. Stop biting your fingernails. This is obviously easier said than done. Taking a page from tip three, you can use this new manicure to help stop your bad nail biting habit. Many women are finding this effective. When they try to bite their nails with Shellac on they find it very hard and annoying to get through the nail. Another method to help stop nail biting is to apply a special liquid that tastes bad onto each nail.

Remember to help your nails stay healthy as they continue to be on the front line of your daily activities. If in reviewing these lists you are reminded of yet more healthy nail tips, please do leave your suggestions below.

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