How To Get Younger Looking Skin Naturally

As our bodies start aging, one of the biggest things we notice is our skin. It doesn’t look quite so young, soft and supple anymore. Sometimes it starts drying out, becoming blotchy, and even wrinkling or sagging. This problem is more prevalent for women going through menopause, because one of the common symptoms of menopause is drier skin.

As we age, extended years of sun damage takes their toll. Our bodies change a bit too, the facial skin particularly stops producing as much oil as it used to, and it doesn’t produce as many antioxidents as it used to either. Both of these are contributing factors to your skin looking older. Combined with many years of stress, squinting at computer screens all day, or frowning in concentration all day while you’re working, wrinkles start developing in those areas of your face where creases form when you make faces. Alot of this can be reduced and sometimes completely reversed though.

There are many natural ways to help keep your skin looking more youthful and healthy though, and herbs and vitamins can play major roles in keeping your skin looking beautiful naturally.

The most important thing you need to help keep your skin looking beautiful and young, is water. Drinking lots of water each day is required to keep your body healthy in general, but many people don’t realize it plays a major role in keeping your skin healthy too. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water each day will provide your body with the water it needs, while also having enough to rehydrate your skin too. And when your skin is hydrated, it’s much softer, smoother and younger looking.

The second most important thing you can do for your skin to stay younger looking naturally, is be sure you’re getting proper nutrition. Nutrition can be controlled by the foods you eat of course, and there are many vitamins, herbs and supplements which help as well.

Many people don’t know however, that you can actually apply vitamins and antioxidents to your face directly too. Your skin is able to absorb what you put on to it. So by applying herbal salves, teas and facial washes, you’re not only cleaning and rehydrating your skin, you’re also able to give it the additional vitamins it needs too.

Citrus for example, is high in vitamin C. Using lemon juice to clean your face is an excellent way to combat acne and oily skin problems for younger people, and the vitamin C is absorbed into your skin as well. This extra vitamin C makes a great difference for people with older skin, not only gently cleansing, but also providing extra antioxident protection which can help the skin look smoother and younger.

Other types of natural face washes you’ll want to try include aloe vera which helps remove dead skin cells and thus acts as a natural exfoliant; chickweed used in tea form is excellent as an acne wash, plus it helps soothe and heal damaged skin; kelp, dandelion and alfalfa used in combination taken internally helps improve hair, nails and skin because the combination is so rich in natural vitamins and essential minerals our bodies need.


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