How To Lose Thigh Fat


One way to burn those calories between your legs and lose thigh fat without moving a single muscle is to cut BACK on late night carbohydrates.

This means getting rid of sudden urges for artificial sweets in favor of natural sweets like bananas or strawberries before going to bed.

Also, you can eat protein to keep you satisfied until you wake in the morning without that nasty feeling of fatigue because you ate ice cream, cookies, or fast food — all of which leads to fat going to your thighs — the night before.

Another way to burn those calories and lose thigh fat is to eliminate carbonated soft-drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola. Here’s why:

Soft drinks are widely known to retain water in your least desirable areas for your bodies convenience, because there is no where else safe for the water to go once stored in your body but your thighs, butt, and hip areas.

After much of my own research into why I believe this happens, it’s because soft-drinks DE-hydrates your body so much, it makes up for it by storing whatever liquids you DO have in your body that IS good for you to store — and the only liquid we KNOW to be healthy for us all, is WATER.

So, it’s your body’s way of “retreating” to safely store a reserve deposit of water in your thigh area to keep yourself from dehydrating, passing out, or worse. The best solution?

Drink lots of water.

The final, and perhaps most obvious way to lose thigh fat, is endurance and/or weight training

Regardless if you choose to run or weight train area’s below your waist (or both), you WILL gain muscle to replace the fat you lose. However, this does not mean you will gain more weight because muscle takes up LESS space than fat. This way, not only are you LOSING weight, you’re GAINING strength in muscle

It all begins with YOU making a decision and how badly you want to lose your thigh fat by trying out one or two of these methods to help you reach your goals.

Plus, if you really want to accelerate your thigh fat loss, then consider purchasing the Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper. It’s a fantastic machine that can help you lose thing fat – but it’s not a miracle worker and takes hard work and dedication.

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