How To Make A Sea Salt Spray For Beautiful Hair

sea salt spray

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Have you ever noticed how effortlessly beautiful your hair looks after a dip in the ocean? Whether your hair is poker straight or filled with natural curl and body, there’s just something about sunshine, salt water, and hair that just works!

Unfortunately not all of us have the luxury of living oceanfront someplace tropical and warm nor would we have the time if we did right?

For those of you that do, we adoringly hate you :)

For the rest of us, there is an easy, homemade and natural way to achieve those wind swept, coconut scented tresses.

There are many great salt spray products on the market to fit all budgets. My personal favorite to buy is Bumble & Bumble South Surf Spray.

However, if you want to try making your own homemade sea salt spray for hair, it’s easy as can be, and can be fun to experiment with different scents and mixtures!

Things you will need:

1 8oz spray bottle
Finely ground sea salt (the more finely ground salt mixes better)
Your favorite conditioner (coconut scent adds a wonderful beach like smell)
Your favorite hair gel
Distilled water (Distilled water is better for your hair)
Calypso or reggae music (optional)

Fill your 8oz spray bottle with distilled water, and add 1tsp of sea salt, along with ½ tsp of conditioner. Use a bit more if your hair is quite dry, or try using ½ tsp of conditioner and ½ tsp of coconut oil or Argan oil (Moroccan Oil) for an extra treat.

The oil and/or conditioner will help counteract the dryness that salt can cause to your hair, as well as evoke a feeling of summer lightness with the subtle scent.

Next, add a dab of your favorite hair gel. This helps, along with the salt, to hold your locks. From here, you can experiment with various essential oils for a scent you love, and to help counteract dullness, itchy scalp, and oiliness.

Tea tree oil is great for oily or sensitive scalps.

Peppermint oil can sooth a sunburned or itchy scalp, as well as provide a cooling sensation. (Try storing the mixture in the refrigerator as well!)

Ylang-Ylang is great for sensitive skin and helps provide a bit of shine to damaged hair.

Chamomile or lemon juice helps brighten blondes, while Rosemary oil helps deepen brunettes with 3-5 drops.

Or you can always add more salt!

Like any recipe, it’s a jumping off point for your own creativity to take shape.

Once you’ve made your mixture, simply close the bottle and shake well! Turn on your calypso or reggae music and spray on to towel dried hair and scrunch your hair, twisting pieces and squeezing to achieve a tussled, just off the beach look. For a bit more hold I would recommend sectioning off hair first and spraying sections before scrunching your hair. Let your hair air dry, finger comb gently with a blow dryer on low, or use a diffuser for tighter waves or curls.

The beauty of using a salt spray for a change in your hair styling regime is that it is not harmful to your hair, it rinses out clean, and there’s just something about it on a beautiful day that makes you feel happy! (Especially when there is reggae playing in the background.)

Give your hair a shake, smile in the mirror, and go grab a coconut pineapple smoothie on the way to work!

Sea salt sprays are fantastic for hair, and if you don’t fancy making your own, grab a bottle of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray from Amazon.

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