How To Prevent Premature Grey Hair

prevent grey hair

Although some women look at grey hair as a “badge of courage” or an indication of wisdom, many more see it as simply making them “look old.” Most immediately head for the hair dye aisle of the local shop, make an appointment with their hairdresser, or resort to plucking out individual hairs until they can no longer keep up; but there are other options as well.

Although it’s not possible to permanently prevent your hair going grey; you may be able to delay it, slow it down, or even stop it in its tracks and restore your natural color, at least for a few years. A few common reasons for your hair going grey include:

  • genetics and aging
  • high levels of stress or worry
  • smoking
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • thyroid disease, such as:
    • Grave’s disease
    • Hashimoto’s disease
    • hyperthyroidism
    • hypothyroidism
  • Early menopause
There’s not much you can do about your genes, your age or going into an early menopause. However, eating a nutritious diet; ensuring you get enough vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; and getting regular exercise can all slow the aging process. For most of the other causes, there are some additional things you can do. Eliminating as many possible causes as you can will reduce the chance of premature greyness.

If you have a high-stress life, for whatever reason, adding stress reduction techniques will help; as will eliminating any stressors you can. Learning ways to limit the amount of worrying you do will help even more, since constant worry increases stress levels.

B12 deficiencies can be caused by many things, including inadequate dietary intake, various diseases that can reduce your ability to absorb the vitamins in your diet, surgeries that remove or restrict portions of the digestive tract, or a lack of the protein called “intrinsic factor” because of an autoimmune condition or genetic abnormality. Simply adding a B12 supplement won’t resolve a deficiency if the reason is an inability to properly use the vitamin; so if you find there is a deficiency, you’ll need to find out what’s causing it and how to get more into your system.

If you have a diagnosed thyroid issue, follow your treatment plan. This is not something to play with, thyroid disease can kill you.

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  1. The cause of gray hair is simple. An amino acid called methionine interacts with the hair follicle. Low methionine means that the follice’s pigmentation mechanisms fail. All of the risk factors above are valid, but that’s because they reduce methionine levels in the body. No amount of avocado oil is going to help. Since hair cells do not carry out metabolic processes no topical treatment for hair will help. What will help is increasing the amount of methionine in the diet, through eating more protein or through supplementation with L-methionine.

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