How To Use Cocoa Butter To Remove Stretch Marks

cocoa butter for stretch marks

It’s a well known fact that most women love chocolate. It’s also a fairly well known fact that dark chocolate can actually be a healthy treat in moderation due to the antioxidants contained within. But did you know the magical deep moisturizing properties contained deep within the cocoa seed? The obroma oil is the pure, pale yellow fat extruded from the seed of the Cocoa bean and it is what’s used to make chocolate… AND Cocoa butter!

Cocoa butter is a solid fat that melts at body temperature and has long been used as an ingredient in commercial moisturizers and medical products due to its stability, natural antioxidants, smooth texture and alluring fragrance.

Cocoa butter is a wonderful natural product to use when beginning an intense weight training regime that could result in stretch marks, or before, during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks are obviously caused by stretching of the skin either from muscle gain, pregnancy or weight gain, but another less commonly known contributor is hormones.

When your hormones fluctuate during pregnancy, your skin loses some of its elasticity and therefore its ability to repair skin damage. Cocoa butter is one of the only all natural products that has the ability to absorb directly into the dermis to moisturize deep down where it counts and therefore prevent stretch marks before they start!

It is best to begin using Cocoa butter during pregnancy or weight training as your muscles or belly begins to grow, so you will be keeping the skin flexible, healthy and well moisturized to allow for the growth. Stretch marks are difficult to get rid of once they form because they are essentially scars, but applying Cocoa butter applied several times daily to the affected area will help you notice an improvement over time as the nourishment and moisture slowly repair damaged skin.

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One of the most wonderful things about using pure organic Cocoa butter is that it is an edible, natural substance! Your developing baby is sensitive to any chemicals you put in your body or on your skin, so using Cocoa butter will help you rest easy knowing you are preventing stretch marks before they begin, and preventing your baby from choking on toxic ingredients found in commercial products such as parabens, copolymers, and fragrances!

Cocoa butter is one of the most effective all natural stretch mark prevention and removal strategies. Pick up a tub from Amazon and notice the magical properties take hold.

I personally recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with added Vitamin E (Vitamin E is FANTASTIC for your skin). It’s less than $12 a tub and that’s a small price to pay to prevent or remove your unsightly stretch marks. Click here to take a look at Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.

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