How To Use Shea Butter For Beautiful Hair

shea butter

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Shea butter is known as “Mother Nature’s hair conditioner” and also known as Karite, which means “life”.  Shea butter is the fat derived from the fruit of the Shea tree nut, which is typically found in western and central Africa.

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Shea butter contains high levels of vitamins A, E, and F and is an extremely effective moisturizing agent.  This is because vitamin F consists of 2 essential fatty acids that help the skin and hair to retain moisture and elasticity.  Shea butter provides numerous benefits for the scalp and hair and for this reason it is commonly found in a wide range of hair care products. Shea butter hydrates and soothes while restoring balance and natural shine to the hair.

  • Promotes healthy hair by providing moisture from roots to tips
  • Rehydrates dry hair, repairs split ends, and prevents hair breakage
  • Absorbs into the scalp quickly without leaving oily or clogging pores
  • Helps to heal scalp conditions such as eczema and dermatitis
  • Protects and repairs hair from weather damage and extreme temperatures
  • Provides a shield against harmful UV rays and protects hair against sun damage
  • Restores moisture to heat-treated or chemical damaged hair
Most hair care products on the market today are made up with harmful concoctions of detergents, chemicals, water, and fragrance.  In order to promote healthy hair growth and improve the overall condition of our hair we must nourish it with natural ingredients.  Shea butter will do just that and using shampoos and conditioners containing Shea butter will result in soft, smooth, and manageable hair.

To improve texture of the hair, replenish moisture, and promote hair growth it is recommended you apply unrefined Shea butter twice weekly to the hair and one weekly to the scalp.  Apply Shea butter before and after drying your hair to achieve the best results.

  • Massage a generous amount of Shea butter into hair and scalp
  • Cover with a warm towel for approximately 30 minutes
  • Remove and style as normal
To help protect your hair against chlorine, salt, and other pool chemicals it is recommended you apply Shea butter prior to swimming, and then shampoo and condition hair immediately after swimming.

If you are looking for a more natural hair care treatment you may like to try applying raw unrefined Shea butter after showering.  This alternative method is considerably messier however it is an effective way to treat extreme hair damage.

Note: I personally recommend this 100% Pure & Raw African Shea Butter Cream which is currently on sale on Amazon at time of writing (May 2012) for just $0.75. I don’t know if this is a mis-print or just a really special offer but make sure you snap up some Shea Butter.

  • Gently massage raw Shea butter into damp hair and scalp
  • Cover with a towel and leave for approximately 15 minutes
  • Shea butter will melt into the scalp naturally and absorb quickly into the hair
  • Remove towel and you will be left with ultra healthy and shiny looking hair
Whipped Shea Butter Hair Treatment Recipe

1 1/3 cups of Shea Butter
½ cup olive oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
½ ounce fragrance oil (e.g. lavender oil, or rosemary oil)

1.       Heat Shea Butter slowly in a medium saucepan until it has turned into liquid form

2.       Add in the olive oil

3.       Allow mixture to cool for 30-40 minutes.  Do not allow it to set completely

4.       Add in the Vitamin E and the Fragrance Oil

5        Whip mixture until you achieve a light mousse like consistency

6.       Spoon mixture into an airtight container

If making your own Shea Butter recipes isn’t for you, then you can buy natural shampoos and conditioners that contain this fantastic ingredient.

My favorite Shea Butter shampoo is Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo. It has a creamy texture and helps to remove oil and build up, unclog pores, soften, smooth and de-frizz hair. It costs $18 on Amazon at time of writing. Pick up a bottle here.

My favorite Shea Butter conditioner is Shea Moisture Leave In Conditioner. This conditioner locks in moisture and adds plenty of volume. It costs just over $10 on Amazon and you can pick up a bottle here.

Shea Butter is fantastic for your hair, and whether you decide to reap the benefits from raw unrefined Shea Butter, from our whipped Shea Butter recipe, or from Shea Butter shampoos and conditioners – make sure you make this magical fat part of your hair care regime.

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