How To Use Witch Hazel To Cure Your Acne

witch hazel for acne

When it comes to your skin nothing is more important than seeking out natural remedies, we need to look after and preserve our skin any way we can. The best way to achieve this is to get back to basics and make use of all the wonderful natural products readily available to us. The beauty of natural ingredients is that they do not contain harsh chemicals which can be very damaging to the skin and cause further irritations. The majority of products on the market today will not do you any favours and will most likely leave your skin looking and feeling worse than when you started.

Witch hazel may be something completely foreign to some people, however since the days of the American Indians it has been used to help control and treat acne. Witch hazel is a small native shrub found in North America which contains a natural extract within its bark and leaves. This gentle natural extract contains numerous beneficial properties making it the perfect ingredient to be used in skin care.

The most important property found in witch hazel is the tannin; this acid has very high antioxidant properties which help to cleanse the skin and reduce the size of pores. It also maintains the moisture in your skin without altering the PH level, thus preventing further irritation. The reason witch hazel is so effective in skin care is because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. As we all know acne is typically caused by excess build-up and bacteria, by implementing witch hazel into your acne treatment it will eliminate this bacteria as well as preventing further breakouts and infection.

The anti-inflammatory qualities of witch hazel are furthermore enhanced by the existence of flavonoids, procyanadins, and resins, making this natural ingredient even more powerful. Witch hazel has the ability to reduce swelling and minimise redness as well as alleviate irritation which are all too familiar problems associated with acne.

Witch hazel is used and applied as a topical cream, for best results apply to problems areas twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. It is not recommended for use more than 3 times daily as it may cause your skin to dry out. Try combining witch hazel with other ingredients such as aloe vera (such as in this product), honey, and lavender to create an effective soothing facial with natural healing qualities. Try this quick and easy recipe. Click on the green links below to buy these products.

• 1 teaspoon witch hazel
• 1 teaspoon tea tree oil
• 2 teaspoons honey
• 1 mashed banana or avocado
• 1 egg white

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Apply to problem areas and leave for 15 minutes. Remove with cold water and gently pat dry.

The list of skin benefits associated with witch hazel does not stop at acne; it can ultimately be used to achieve and maintain clear and healthy skin. It can also help with blemishes, bruising, scars, cuts and sores, swelling, and reducing eye bags. So whatever your skin conditions enlist the help of this amazing natural extract, you will experience great results without harming your skin.

If you want to try witch hazel, I personally recommend Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera. As we’ve previously discussed aloe vera has fantastic skin care properties. You can buy a bottle of this witch hazel on Amazon for less than $10 by clicking the image below.

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