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melt fat off

Can you believe you can literally melt fat off your thighs, abs, and wherever else it is irking you! It is so cool. All you do is take a supplement called Fuco thin. It was created by Garden of Life’s creator Rubin. He conducted the research and it’s proven to work in clinical studies.

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Another method you can use to melt fat off is by making your very own supplement using bladderwrack (fucus). This is the seaweed that is used to create Fuco thin. You can save money if you make it yourself. Here’s the recipe:

Bladderwrack Tea

Gently simmer a handful of fucus for 15 minutes in enough water to cover. Strain and enjoy. Or: fill a jar only a quarter full with dried bladderwrack; add boiling water to completely fill the jar; cap and let steep overnight. Next morning, strain, warm, and enjoy, seasoned to your taste.

Take one to two cups daily to melt extra pounds off. Do not take this tea daily for longer than 3 months. Take a break for 6 weeks.

This seaweed dissolves fatty build ups in the body and in blood vessels. It helps regulate cholesterol as well. Bladderwrack helps regulate your metabolism due to its nourishing effect on the thyroid. If you have thyroid problems do not use fucus without consulting with your licensed physician.

Renowned herbalist, Susun Weed, agrees that seaweed helps melt weight off by re-engineering fat metabolism. “Seaweed acts through the liver, intestines, glands, and nerves, readjusting lipid metabolism for long term weight reduction”, stated Weed in Healing Wise.

You see now you don’t have to go through a radical, almost impossible diet when you have a perfect solution for losing weight quickly and effectively by using a tea recipe that also gives your body the nutrition it needs to feel great. Go look and feel your best!

What is your favorite weight loss trick?

Bladderwrack Tea recipe derived from page 229 of Wise Woman Herbal HEALING WISE by Susun Weed. Do post YOUR favorite weight loss recipes.


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