Miracle Herbs For Getting Rid Of Stress & Anxiety

It’s all too common to have stress and anxiety. Every one of us has a different reason for it. The goal is for you to be able to deal with anxiety and/or stress before it gets you down. Many plant medicines alleviate occasional anxiety. Sensitivity to anxiety relieving herbs is extremely individualized so you may want to start with a small dose and pay attention to your body’s reaction. By the way, if you are taking any type of anti-anxiety or other drugs, do not combine with these as it can produce dangerous side effects.

If your anxiety is happening everyday then these herbs can be taken on a daily basis. If your anxiety only happens during a certain activity (i.e. giving a speech) then take the herbs about half hour to one hour before you step up to the stage.


This gently relaxing antispasmodic will ease your muscle tension. It is also a remedy for high blood pressure (hypertension) that is made worse by anxiety. Linden tastes pleasant in a cup of tea. Take 1 cup of linden tea every 2 hours as needed. If you take the capsules please follow manufacturer’s directions. Linden is also a tonic for the cardiovascular system.


To soothe anxiety and calm the nervous system, vervain is beneficial. Vervain is so good it even addresses depression that might be present. Many times we are not aware of this, but just imagine that you are taking care of yourself by drinking a cup of tea. Steep 1 – 2 teaspoons of dried linden herb in 1 cup of hot water for 10 minutes.


Hops is a moderately strong remedy for relaxing the central nervous system. It is also helpful for insomnia associated with tension headaches. If you have depression, do not take hops. It might worsen. Nature’s Way and other reputable companies sell Hops in a convenient capsule form. If you like teas, drink 1 cup before bedtime. (Steep 1 t whole dried herb in 1 c hot water for 15 minutes)


If you are chronically stressed, perhaps overworking and not sleeping enough hours, consider Siberian Ginseng’s wonderful healing properties. Adrenal burnout does not happen overnight, so it does take time for this primarily tonic herb to work its magic. It takes several months to work. The typical dosage for Siberian Ginseng is up to nine 500mg capsules. Go with the reputable brands when consuming Siberian Ginseng.

You can find the relief you need to feel better but you need to start somewhere. These are some of the many more helpful tips and health secrets to come your way. We do the research and go through the personal experiences and pass the valuable information to you. One last thought… Let’s look and feel our best together!

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