Olive Oil Hair Mask Benefits & Recipes

olive oil hair mask

Olive oil will provide you with a range of beneficial results when used as part of your hair care regime.  It contains intense moisturizing qualities making it the perfect addition to any hair care treatment.  It will help strengthen the hair leaving it looking healthier and more vibrant.

Olive Oil To Prevent Dandruff

Olive oil is a great way to help combat dandruff; the main cause of dandruff is a flaky dry scalp.  By massaging olive oil into the scalp it will help infuse moisture back into dry skin and preventing flaking of excess dry skin. Try applying once a week to witness noticeable results.

Repair Split Ends

Split ends and dry hair is more prominent during the winter months. This means hair will be more prone to splitting and damage resulting in dreaded flyaway’s making hair look messy and unmanageable.  Simply add a little olive oil by running fingers through your hair.  By applying olive oil it will help smooth the hair while adding a little extra weight and moisture to control those flyaway’s.

Restore Shine

Olive oil will give your usually dull and drab hair a healthy dose of shine by making it moisturized and healthy. Regular shampoos contain sulfates that can actually strip hair of moisture, making it look unhealthy and dull, notes HairLossBuddy.com. Replacing your regular conditioner with olive oil can bring moisture back to the hair, leaving it healthy-looking and shiny. Perhaps try this Organic Olive Oil Shampoo. 

Improve Manageability

If you suffer from dry hair you will notice your hair is a lot more unmanageable, this is because moisture is required in order for the hair to co-operate and hold its style.  By applying a hot olive oil treatment you will notice increased manageability making your hair easier to style.  For a simple treatment massage ½ cup of olive oil into hair and leave for 30 minutes.

Hair Growth

Olive oil can help to promote new hair growth. We’ve already discussed this recently and you can read about that at the link below.

Olive Oil For Hair Growth

Hair Repair Treatment

This is a very effective once a week treatment perfect for those struggling with dry and frizzy hair.  Essential fatty acids found in olive oil will restore moisture and strength to hair.  Egg yolks contain beneficial nutrients to smooth the hair making it more manageable, while the lemon juice helps bring out natural shine.

Mayonnaise (enough to cover hair)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Add olive oil to mayonnaise and mix well then add beaten egg yolk and lemon juice.  Mix thoroughly until all ingredients are combined.

Apply treatment to washed damp hair and cover with a shower cap or cling wrap.  Leave in for approximately 30 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Dry Scalp And Dandruff Conditioner

This hair treatment consists of a powerful mix of natural ingredients all of which are extremely beneficial to the health of hair.  The rich source of antioxidants in olive oil will help protect the hair from sun damage.  Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin to help relieve itching and restore moisture to dry skin.  The high levels of minerals and vitamins in honey will strengthen hair and restore natural shine.

4 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons of coconut oil
2 eggs
1/4 cup of coconut milk
1/4 cup of honey
4 drops of rosemary essential oil
2 drops of thyme essential oil

Mix all ingredients together using a whisk to completely combine the eggs.

Transfer mixture into a clean squeeze bottle and shake gently for 60 seconds.

Apply half of mixture to hair and gently massage to completely cover hair.

Cover with a shower cap or cling wrap and leave in for approximately 20 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and shampoo as normal.

Store remaining mixture in refrigerator for maximum of 3 days.

If you don’t want to use these recipes to make your own olive oil hair masks and treatments, then you can buy this ready made natural and organic olive oil shampoo and this olive oil conditioner.

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