Secret Fat Burners For Natural Weight Loss

In the world of fat loss words like “secrets” are thrown around like promises during an election. That’s why I hate even seeing the word used at all.

It has come to the point where I practically dismiss the word completely. Strike that, actually I become suspicious. So the question is, are there any true “secrets” left in the battle to shed the fat.

Well, yes and no.

If you define a secret as a body of knowledge held by a tight knit organization bent on keeping their fat-loss secrets to themselves, then the answer is no. However, if you define secret as a bit of knowledge that few know about, then yes there does seem to be such a thing.

The Undergrounders

For a few years underground experimentation among fitness enthusiasts and body builder types have been working toward a strategy of manipulating the types of foods eaten in an attempt to make the human body’s hormones work at peak efficiency for fat loss.

These under-grounders would share results from peer to peer and slowly a snowball of valuable knowledge began to form. Soon enough doctors and scientists began to take a keen interest to the subject and started doing what they do best. With a scientific eye they began looking at manipulating foods for to bring about fat loss in much the same way as drug companies use chemicals to elicit fat loss. After all foods are chemicals too.

Well over a decade has passed since this all began and some solid science and quite a few studies have proven what these under-grounders had learned years before. That is, that there is a safe and effective way to manipulate eating to cause rapid and efficient fat loss.

Playing With The Macronutrients

The dietary term that was given to this process is called calorie shifting which is where macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) are shifted in an organized manner to cause the body’s hormones to jump into play and start emptying out fat stores. Readers of the Zone diet will recall the discussion of a little hormones called Eiconsanoids that basically force the fat cells to give up their stores.

In the day, Zone diet practitioners enjoyed some astounding results, especially when compared with the standard low-fat diets of the time. However they discovered what most dieters over the years have found out – that these types of ‘static’ diets have a diminishing returns. In other words diets where components of the diet never really change allow the body to start compensating, or get used to, the foods involved and slowly fat loss drops to a crawl – often called a plateau.

Keep It Guessing

This is where the “secret’ of caloric shifting really shines. By constantly changing what you eat on regular intervals, your body is never able to make this adaptation. Instead you have forced your body to remain in a constant state of reaction.

This keeps those fat loss hormones flowing and the fat falling off.

Calorie shifting has really brought natural fat loss into the territory that was once only occupied by heavy doses of stimulants and dangerous fat-partitioning drugs. And practitioners of such diets have claimed astounding results without of the side effects of normal dieting such as hunger pangs or irritability. Plus the added benefit of doing it naturally without the effects or dangers of drugs.

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