Secret Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Would you like to do something about those awful stretch marks? Thanks to these secret home remedies, you can make your skin look better by minimizing the appearance of your stretch marks. When you look in the mirror you will feel more confident if you use these remedies consistently.

Stretch Mark Creme

1/2 cup cocoa butter 2 Tablespoons wheat germ oil 2 teaspoons sesame seed oil (light) 1 teaspoon apricot kernel oil 2 teaspoons vitamin E oil 4 teaspoons beeswax (Makes 6 ounces) Grate beeswax to make it easier to melt. Mix all these ingredients in a pan and heat gently until cocoa butter and beeswax melt. Remove from heat and let it cool before applying it lavishly to your thighs, buttocks, abs, lower back, and upper arms. Massage it in for an even better effect. When you stimulate the skin’s circulation you are feeding it with more nutrients and decreasing cellulite and stretch marks. Do this daily. Protect creme by keeping it in a covered jar.

A treatment you can do at home is skin brushing. To prevent stretch marks, vigorously massage with a skin brush or loofah during your shower. If you already have stretch marks, then apply vitamin E or any 100% pure oil to skin first. Then brush using gentle to medium strength circular strokes to affected areas. You will be assisting the stretch marks heal faster while decreasing cellulite.

If you’re in a hurry, simply soften your skin with shea butter. This hypoallergenic moisturizer smoothens remarkably. If you apply it consistently, you will find that you hardly notice the stretch marks. Every person’s genetics are different so the time it takes to work will vary. Age and diet are another factor that facilitate healing.

Stretch Mark Body Scrub

Exfoliate by scrubbing with a wet washcloth. Mix 1/2 teaspoon each of cod liver oil, olive oil, and aloe vera gel. Apply it to areas prone to stretch marks, or use it as a whole body anti-aging skin treatment.

Keep your skin smooth and happy with home remedies while preventing AND minimizing stretch marks. If you use 100% natural ingredients you won’t have to worry about harmful additives to look and feel your best.


  1. I was able get rid of my stretch marks by applying Rawleigh Propolis Salve with Vitamin E. I applyed it daily untill the stretch marks were gone. A jar lasts a really long time. A little goes a long way. Rawleigh’s home remedies has been around since 1889. I started using it some years back. I also have/had a really NASTY scar going down my shin. That is gone as well from using Rawleigh Propolis Salve.

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