Super Anti-Aging Supplement – A Must Know For Alluring Skin


It gives you protective bioflavonoids that fight heart disease, helps you get rid of inflammation, allergies and asthma, and for its super anti-aging effect, it builds your collagen, all the while preventing varicose veins. We could all use a collagen boost, hence the popularity of collagen injections. But with this supplement you can just take a few capsules a day with meals, and be on your way to strength and beauty.

You can certainly live longer and better while appearing more youthful with Pycnogenol.

According to Dr. Richard Passwater, author of Pycnogenol: The Super Protector Nutrient, pycnogenol can help protect you from about 80 non-infectious diseases. And, as far as looking good is concerned, since pycnogenol protects elastin and collagen, you can now have better-looking skin. Did I get your attention?

If you don’t believe this, keep in mind that the older we get, the thinner the skin gets. Plus, we lose elasticity and get sagging skin. But for those of us who take care of ourselves and keep on the leading edge of skin care, well-nourished skin will look radiant and youthful.

In a research project, Dr. Jacques Masquellier of Bordeaux University soaked collagen fibers in water while stretching them with a weight. The collagen stayed the same until a pycnogenol solution was added. The pycnogenol caused the collagen to strengthen and get back to its earlier shape. Pycnogenol is like a cosmetic that you can take in a pill.

Pycnogenol is widely used in Europe and is considered to be non-toxic. Gary Null,PhD, author of The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, recommends for you to take 60 mg of pycnogenol in capsule form daily for beautiful, resilient skin and a healthier anti-aging lifestyle.

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