The Belly Fat Cure By Jorge Cruise Book Review

The Belly Fat Cure: Discover The New Carb Swap System and Lose 4 to 9 Pounds Every Week by Jorge Cruise is a neat little spiral bound book that is certainly making waves in the weight loss community.

Jorge goes against conventional advice, and advises that you aren’t overweight because you eat too much or don’t exercise enough. He makes the case that the real problem is in eating foods with a high sugar and carb ratio.

This book is very dense with information. There are more than 1500 eating options discussed, including information for meat lovers, fast food junkies, seafood lovers, and even chocoholics.

Basically, The Belly Fat Cure is for anyone and everyone who wants to shed pounds but not drastically change their diet, or give up all of the foods they love.

The main enemy of your health and belt line, according to the Belly Fat Cure, is artificial sweeteners. You are provided with a list of hundreds of healthier substitutes of the foods that you love to eat in what Jorge calls his “belly bad list”.

Also included are healthy recipes, I tried a few of them out and they are very good. The substituted ingredients discussed in the book don’t taste much different from the harmful ones they are replacing, and in some cases, the food tasted even better.

One thing I like about The Belly Fat Diet is the lack of overloaded scientific jargon and medical theory. This book won’t put you to sleep like a lot of other newer diet books. I think most people would agree that what we want is a battle plan, step by step instructions, and pertinent information.

We don’t need to be lulled asleep with charts, graphs, and hundreds of pages on research findings. Jorge Cruise did a great job on this book in that regard, as it is fun to read but immensely helpful.

The Belly Fat Cure is a nice change of pace from most diets. You won’t be asked to change your lifestyle totally, but to be mindful of what you’re putting into your body when it comes to sweeteners in particular.

The list of substitutes and recipes included really make easy work out of learning what to buy. After several weeks of following The Belly Fat Cure, I did notice a lot more energy, improved sleep and most importantly a few inches lost from my belly.

Weight loss wasn’t my main goal, as I’m already in shape, but I actually lost 5 pounds without even trying to. I can imagine that someone who is overweight even slightly would probably be shocked at how much weight they lose by following this simple plan.

The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise gets my highest recommendation due to it’s simplicity, dense and useful information, and action strategy. If you get it at Amazon you pay the lowest possible price and maybe even qualify for free shipping. Click Here To Get It On Amazon.


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