The Best Natural Home Remedies For Dandruff

home remedies for dandruff

Dandruff is a very common skin condition and can cause immense embarrassment for sufferers as well as affecting their self esteem. The most typical causes of this unsightly condition include unclean habits and low levels of general hygiene, exposure to extreme heat or cold, overuse of hair styling products and harsh shampoos (try these natural shampoos instead), and even eating excess of the wrong types of food.

There are many shampoos, treatments and home remedies available for dandruff, it is best to try and stay away from store bought chemical based products and instead opt for natural alternatives. This way you will be able to more effectively treat this condition rather than further damage the scalp. New and innovative natural remedies are constantly being discovered and have proven to be highly effective in the fight against dandruff. Read on to learn about alternative ingredients you can try.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains anti-fungal and antiseptic properties which help to balance out the skins pH level. It also helps to clean the hair follicles and cells by removing excess build up of impurities and unclogging pores. This essential oil is a very effective remedy for those suffering from dandruff and an itchy scalp. You have a couple of options when using tea tree oil:

• Add tea tree oil into a natural or organic shampoo. 1 drop of tea tree oil for every ounce of shampoo
• Mix the tea tree oil with almond oil or olive oil. Add 10 drops of tea tree oil and 1 tablespoon of almond or olive oil. Mix together and massage the hair and scalp thoroughly. Leave in for ½ hour and then rinse. Wash twice and condition as normal

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White Vinegar

White vinegar remains at the top of the list for dandruff remedy treatments. It contains acids which create a non ideal environment for fungus and yeast and therefore can both prevent and eliminate dandruff. There are a number of methods for using white vinegar, these are as follows:

• Mix 1 part white vinegar and 3-4 parts water. Apply to hair and leave for approximately 3-4 minutes. Rinse thoroughly
• Mix together 6 tablespoons of hot water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Apply to the hair and scalp and cover with a towel or shower cap. Leave in overnight then rinse. Repeat twice per week
• Apply white vinegar directly to the hair and scalp. Cover with a towel or shower cap and leave in overnight and rinse

Lemon and Lime

Lemon and lime are both very effective ingredients to help combat dandruff. Both ingredients contain acids which help when fungal or yeast infections are the underlying cause. Lemon juice helps to break down excess build up of sebum while lime juice will not only help to prevent dandruff but it will remove stickiness improving the natural shine of your hair. Try out the following methods:

• Massage fresh lemon or lime juice into your hair and scalp. Leave for 15 minutes then rinse and condition.
• Apply lemon or lime juice to washed hair and leave in
• Mix together 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon or lime juice. Apply to the hair and scalp, cover with a shower cap or towel and leave in overnight. Rinse, wash, and condition


Beets can be a useful ingredient in home remedies for dandruff as this ingredient added with vinegar creates a deep cleansing treatment to reduce and eliminate flaking. Follow this method to create this beet recipe:

1. Cut up both tops and roots of beets into small pieces as you would when cutting up vegetables for dinner.
2. Boil beets for approximately ½ hour in order to completely infuse the water with the essence
3. Gently massage the beet water into your scalp
4. Cover hair with an old towel, sheet, or shower cap and sleep with the mixture in your hair
5. Rinse hair completely

*You can also add a little vinegar to the mixture for a more powerful solution

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are a very important ingredient when treating dandruff; it not only helps to eliminate this condition but also can be used as a preventative treatment. Try these two simple methods for great results:

• Add 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds to a bowl of water and soak overnight. Mash together to form a paste. Apply to the scalp and leave for ½ hour. Wash out and condition
• Use the remaining water from soaking as a post wash treatment. Wash hair normally and allow hair to dry naturally. Coat a cotton ball with water and apply to the scalp.

Above are five highly effective home remedies for dandruff. Try one for a short period, and if it fails to work, try a different strategy. My favorite, and most effective, natural treatment is the tea tree oil for dandruff remedy. Try that first!

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