The Flat Belly Diet

The “Flat Belly Diet” gained instant popularity when it was released by the editors of “Prevention” magazine in 2009.

The diet is based on the principal that by eating the right foods and managing stress levels you can quickly lose stubborn belly fat. Cortisol is released into the body when a person feels under stress and it encourages the body to store fat, often around the organs – which can eventually be dangerous.

The list of foods that are recommended for the Flat belly Diet, are not unlike the foods eaten on the Mediterranean diet.

During the first four days, the authors recommend you prepare a drink named Sassy water (after creator Cynthia Sass) and eat only fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. During the first four days you will only consume around 1200 calories a day. This will reduce belly-bloat.

During the remaining 28 days on the diet you are to consume around 400 calories four times a day. With each meal you must also eat a small amount of a MUFA, or a monounsaturated fatty acid.

The MUFA rich foods prescribed are avocado, nuts and seeds, olives, oils, and dark chocolate. When planning your meals, 35 percent of total calories should come from MUFAs, 45 percent from carbs and 20 percent from lean protein sources.

Any grains you eat should be whole grains, such as cut oats, wild or brown rice and whole wheat breads. All white refined flour products are out. Butter and other saturated fats should be avoided and replaced with olive oil.

If you eat fish or meat, it should be lean and grilled. It is recommended you eat your vegetables raw or steam them slightly.

The theory that eating some fats might induce weight loss was first introduced in 2001 when students at Harvard researched the topic. However it was not until 2008 that Spanish researchers discovered it was MUFAs that produced weight loss as opposed to fats in general.

In spite of calories being restricted, proponents of the Flat Belly Diet say you will not experience hunger on the as MUFA rich foods are also filling. The amount of fiber you eat will most likely increase if you add sufficient raw vegetables to your diet; fiber-rich foods also create a feeling of satiety.

Therefore, a fair assumption seems to be that you will achieve weight loss on the Flat Belly Diet and additionally improve your health due to the healthful foods involved.

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