The Healing Power Of Honey & It’s Health Benefits


“Super foods” are the latest health craze on the market, but to find one of the most potent super foods available, you might just need to open your kitchen cabinet.

I’m talking about honey. The bees aren’t the only ones creating a buzz about this amazing creation of nature. In addition to being a healthy, non-fattening sweetener, honey has many healing properties and health benefits and has been used for centuries as a homeopathic remedy for a laundry list of ailments.

Put down the energy drink and pick up the honey.

Honey is a wonderful source of natural carbohydrates. With a combination of fruit sugars, honey provides an instant energy boost as the glucose is absorbed into the body. In addition, the fructose in honey is absorbed more slowly to sustain your energy level for a longer period of time. Because the energy boost comes from natural sources, there is no “crash” later on like you’d experience with simple sugars or caffeine. A spoonful of honey prior to strenuous exercise will give you that extra energy to get through a workout. Honey is also great for combating the lethargic feeling you can experience when you first wake up.

Honey: Nature’s Neosporin.

Honey has been used for thousands of years to treat everything from cuts and scrapes to yeast infections and athlete’s foot. Having potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisture absorption properties, honey is an amazing treatment to prevent infections and even reduce scarring. Honey also is a strong immune system booster.

Honey soothes the stomach and accelerates oxidation of alcohol in the liver so it makes a great hangover remedy. Its soothing properties are also excellent for sore throat pain.

A teaspoon of honey can help to cure or prevent cancer.

Yes, honey helps prevent cancer. Honey is impregnated with carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumor properties. The antioxidants present in honey, rapidly create an increase in the antioxidant levels of your body’s cells strengthening their structure. They also help to block collagen destruction. Bees do their part in bringing some of these benefits to us by passing potent floral-flavones (found in flower nectars and known for removing free radicals from our bodies) to us through the honey they produce.

The next time you have a cut, a cold, an upset stomach, or you just can’t get motivated, try a little honey. Daily ingestion of honey can help to not only cure what currently ails you, but can also go a long way towards preventing future disease as well as promoting overall health and well being.


  1. Great tips. I also like to mix honey with my favorite drinks – tea or lemonades. It is a great taste-enhancer and good for your body too.

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