The Top 5 Uses Of Aloe Vera

aloe vera uses

Six thousand years ago, Egyptians called the aloe vera plant the plant of immortality. Greeks used it to cure nearly everything, and Native Americans called it the wand of heaven. Aloe vera has long been used as a plant of healing and beauty, and for good reason. There are many ways that aloe vera can be beneficial to your health or appearance, both externally and internally. No home should be without a plant or the ointment made from the plant. Here are the top five ways you can use aloe vera to better your life.

1. Treat minor burns, sun burns, bruises and insect bites with aloe vera. The aloe will take the heat and sting out of the burn or sun burn, helping it to heal more quickly and cause less pain. It will take the itch out of insect bites, drawing out the poison that makes it itch. It is also good for bee and wasp stings. Finally, aloe will take the color out of bruises and help them to heal more quickly.

2. Aloe also fights athlete’s foot and works to soothe and soften feet. It helps reduce warts and corns on your feet as well. It will also give your toe and finger nails a healthy shine and color. If you want to really get your feet soft and smooth, create your own foot mask of oatmeal, corn meal and aloe.

3. Aloe is wonderfully good for the skin. It relieves rashes due to allergic reactions or other causes. It helps soothe skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema. It can also completely replace your expensive lotions and creams for dry skin relief. Aloe is fast absorbing and quickly relieves dry, itchy skin. It is also gentle enough that you can use it to treat acne, remove eye makeup, and relieve irritation from shaving or waxing near the vaginal area.

4. Aloe is also great for your hair. Using aloe vera as a conditioner will relieve you of dandruff and dry scalp. In the process, it will stimulate hair growth, which is helpful whether you want faster growing hair, or if you want to slow down the process of going bald. It will also make your hair smoother and softer, better than any conditioner on the market today.

5. Aloe can also serve many purposes when taken internally. It heals digestive disorders and indigestion and relieves pain from ulcers. It is also good for the bowels, acting as a laxative and relieving pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome. It will also lower your blood sugar, and should be a staple for diabetics. You can also drink it to alleviate congestion, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, kidney infections and prostate problems. Finally, you can drink it to lower your cholesterol and triglycerides, improving heart health.

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