Top 10 Homemade DIY Face Mask Recipes

homemade face masks

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Why waste money on store bought face masks packed with preservatives, fillers and artificial scents, when you can make a chemical free, vitamin rich homemade face mask that’s perfect for your skin type?

If you want to try your own homemade face mask, then you’ll be sure to find one that’s just right for you in this blog post as we round up ten fantastic DIY face mask recipes from around the web.

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Face Mask Recipe #1
Anti-Aging Avocado & Honey Face Mask from 

avocado face mask recipe

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Face Mask Recipe #2
Aspirin & Lemon Juice Face Mask from

lemon and aspirin face mask

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Face Mask Recipe #3
Pineapple & Papaya Face Mask from

pineapple and papaya face mask

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Face Mask #4
Lemon Milk Alpha Hydroxy Mask from

lemon milk face mask

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Face Mask #5
Strawberry & Honey Acne Mask from

strawberry face mask

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Face Mask #6
Skin Brightening Kiwi Face Mask from


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Face Mask #7
Pumpkin Face Mask from


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Face Mask #8
Turmeric Face Mask from

turmeric face mask

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Face Mask #9
Bentonite Clay Face Mask from

bentonite clay face mask

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Face Mask #10
Banana Face Mask  from

banana face mask recipes

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Phew! That’s a lot of face masks!

Have you tried any of them before? Or do you plan to try any of them now? It would be great if you could also share your own DIY face mask recipes that work for your skin. Simply leave a comment below and let us know.

I know some of you don’t like making your own beauty products and would instead prefer to buy a ready-made, yet still natural solution. If that’s you then I can strongly recommend this pure seaweed facial mask made from 100% natural ingredients. This isn’t like your regular chemical filled cosmetic.

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  1. one that i didn’t see on here was an oatmeal mask. it’s good for oily skin and works as a great exfoliant to. i put natural rolled oats into a food processor to make a fine powder and then mix with warm water to form a manageable paste. thick enough so that it doesn’t fall off your face. it works!

  2. I love making my own facial masks. I’ve been collecting them for years and actually have an ebook about natural make your own facial masks coming out ..
    One thing that I use is the inside of the banana peel.
    After benfiting from the nutrition of the banana , the inside of the peel still has wonderful benefits for lighting and nourishing the skin..

  3. Deitra Brunner says:

    I’m thinking one with bentonite clay, tumeric, honey, and olive oil…hmmmm; think I’m going to try that…

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