Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Natural Health Enthusiasts

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be an appropriate time to publish this blog post.

It reveals five interesting, useful and thoroughly enjoyable gifts that any natural health enthusiast would love to receive. You can buy them for your friends and family or add them to your own wishlist.

Here they are…

1. Back to Basics SE3000 Smoothie Express Lifestyle 26-Ounce Smoothie Maker

Smoothies are a great way to pump your body full of vitamins and nutrients – and they are also very fun to use, too. Based on a number of reviews I’ve read, I can confidently suggest the Back to Basics SE3000 Smoothie Express Lifestyle 26-Ounce Smoothie Maker as the best quality and value for money smoothie maker on the market. You can get it on by clicking here.

You can create your own recipes or get The Ultimate Smoothie Book to make a great additional gift.

2. Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Fit Plus & Balance Board

I’ve got a Wii and Wii Fit and it’s a fantastic and really fun way to workout. When you set it all up you create your “Mii” character which measures your body mass index and your Wii Fit age based on your ability to control your left and right balance. You can then use this data as your baseline to improve upon. The Wii Fit has a huge selection of different activities you can do, including Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga and Balance Games.

A Wii Console and Wii Fit Plus is a brilliant gift to give anyone who wants to workout and track their progress from the comfort of their own home. You can take a look at it on Amazon by clicking here.

3. FitFlop Women’s Walkstar 3 Toning Sandal

Summer may be a while away, but a pair of FitFlops can be a brilliant gift idea for health conscious individuals. FitFlops create a slightly destabilizing effect on the leg muscles to ensure that they are constantly engaged. This helps to tone up leg, calf and gluteal muscles, improve posture and reduce back pain. And it’s a pretty cheap gift, too!

Amazon is currently running a sale on selected colours. Click here to grab yourself a pair.

4. Yoga For Beginners Collection

Everyone is now aware of the health and psychological benefits of regular yoga sessions, but not everybody knows the best way to go about getting started. If you have a friend or family member who wants to get into Yoga, then here’s a few gifts you can combine to make one super gift this Christmas.

Yoga For Beginners DVD – This is regarded as the go to DVD for those just getting started with yoga. At less than $10 it’s an easy gift to give that will be loved by all.

Yoga Mat – If you want to practice yoga, you need a mat. But you don’t need to spend a fortune. This mat is just over$20 and will be more than sufficient.

The Complete Illustrated Book Of Yoga – Over 1 million people have benefited from this book and it would act as a fantastic, affordable gift this Christmas.

5. Natural Health Magazine One Year Subscription

For an affordable gift that lasts an entire year, there’s nothing better than a one year subscription to Natural Health Magazine. At just $16 you can’t really go wrong by giving this gift this Christmas. You can subscribe on Amazon for just $16.


I hope these ideas have inspired you. Perhaps they’ve given you an idea for a friend or family member, or perhaps you just want them all for yourself!

What would be your ideal gift this Christmas? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. I’ve been looking at those toning shoes and sneaks. Sounds like a good idea but I keep imagining myself tipping over!

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