Top Secret Natural Beauty Tips From India

I got an email from a subscriber of my natural anti aging and beauty newsletter recently. She wanted to share with me some of her best natural beauty tips. I asked if I could share them with you, and she kindly permitted me to do so. Thanks Kavitha!

These are just a few quick tips that you can apply today to help you look more beautiful.


Turmeric and yogurt mixed together and applied gives an instant glow to dry skin

Lemon juice + honey + glycerine when mixed together and applied results in super soft skin

Papaya is a great skin softner so once a month apply it to your skin for hydrated, healthy glowing skin. Here’s a papaya scrub recipe, a papaya massage gel, and a mask you can create in a few minutes for instant results.

Papaya scrub :

Make a paste of papaya with rice powder to scrub out impurities

Papaya massage gel:

Mix papaya + honey + lemon = make it into a paste and massage for 15 mins

Papaya mask :

Paste made of papaya and basin floor makes a great mask …..keep it for 15 mins and rinse off before it is fully dried

No need of any other treatments for next 15 days as their will be no need

Results : glowing…….refreshing……..smooth skin.


Thanks to Kavitha for these tips. If you have your own please feel free to submit your own tips by leaving a comment on this post.


  1. Thanks for providing very useful natural beauty tips its far more better to use then synthetic skin care products.

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