How To Stop Hair Loss & Hair Greying With Vitamin B12

vitamin b12

Hair loss, hair thinning and hair greying affect millions of women worldwide. Although some women look at grey hair as a “badge of courage” or an indication of wisdom, many more see it as simply making them “look old.” Most immediately head for the hair dye aisle of the local shop, make an appointment with their hairdresser, or resort to plucking out individual hairs until they can no longer keep up; but there are natural alternatives as well that are far more effective.

Perhaps the most effective of all hair loss, hair thinning and hair greying treatments is to simply…

Get More Vitamin B12

A vitamin B12 deficiency is perhaps the most common cause of the above hair conditions and therefore it makes sense that increasing our vitamin B12 intake is the best way to delay or stop the process – and perhaps to even reverse it. Vitamin B12 is the most complex of all the vitamins and scientists have recently recommended that 2.4mcg is a sufficient daily dosage to meet our needs.

The best sources of B12 are sewage, manure, soil and mud, but luckily for us and our hair, we can also find B12 in slightly more tasty forms. Calf’s liver, sardines, venison, salmon, scallops and shrimp are the most abundant sources of this vitamin which poses a problem if you aren’t a meat or fish eater.

Luckily there are a few vegan sources. For instance, two tablespoons of nutritional yeast is enough to meet your daily requirement and Spirulina also contains B12 but the exact quantity varies widely. Some cereals and milk alternatives are also fortified with vitamin B12. Check the packaging to see if they are. And of course you can always take a B12 supplement.

One important point to note here is that not all of the B12 you ingest will get into your circulation. The older you are, the less efficient your body will become at absorbing this vitamin. You may in fact have to ingest 200x the recommended amount to reap the benefits of this vitamin – but that’s still a small amount!

No matter where you get your vitamin B12 from, make sure you get it for the sake of your hair!

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