Zinc For Acne: Use This Powerful Mineral & Stop Acne Breakouts

zinc for acne

We all know that vitamins and minerals are important for healthy skin and most people know to take vitamin B complex, vitamin E, even vitamin D but what about the little miracle mineral that starts with Z?

Zinc is an often neglected mineral in our diets and lots of main stream multi vitamins don’t even contain it!

Deficiency in zinc affects nearly two billion people worldwide and can be linked to a multitude of health problems ranging from delayed sexual maturation, growth retardation in children, infection susceptibility, and it is also known as being one of the underlying causes of acne and rosacea.

Zinc assists with hormone regulation, cell repair, reducing cancer causing free radicals, anti-aging, and reproductive health. This mineral is available in many food sources such as poultry, sea food, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds and dairy. However; zinc absorption can be affected by many other factors in your body and sometimes as little as 30% of the Zinc you intake is actually absorbed. This is why it is often beneficial to take a Zinc supplement, in addition to eating a balanced diet.

The reason zinc can help reduce the frequency of break outs and severity is because zinc helps regulate over 200 hormones in your body, one of which is testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, and an imbalance in testosterone is one of the leading causes of acne. Zinc also helps with protein synthesis and collagen formation in your body which is a key player in the maintenance of beautiful, healthy skin.

Zinc is available in several forms including tablets, pills and topical treatments. The best form of oral zinc for acne is Zinc Gluconate. Taking 200mg per day is very effective in reducing inflammation associated with break outs and preventing future acne break outs. Zinc Oxide topical creams are great to use during a break out directly on the affected area to reduce sebum and oils on the area, and promotes speedy healing of the skin.

So, if you feel you’ve been fighting a losing battle with acne… the problem may be internal and turning to Zinc may help more than you realize! After all it’s a mineral we could all stand to get a little more of!

You can buy zinc in it’s many forms online. I personally prefer to shop on Amazon and  think Now Foods Zinc Gluconate to be the best.

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